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Fishless cycle help

Hey gang I am currently trying to cycle 2 tanks (55 & 26) using a fishless cycle method and it seems to be taking forever. Gonna use my 55 gal as an example.

I started the tank on Nov 4th by dosing it to 5ppm ammonia using janitorial strength ammonia from Ace hardware (I did the shake test to make sure it was okay).

On 11/21 on did a partial water change to lower the ammonia levels because some people on another forum said 5ppm was too much. I took it down to 3ppm.

On 11/27 my LFS gave my one filter floss from a cycled tank to jump start my tank because my numbers weren't moving.

On 11/29 after testing my tank like I do every night I noticed that my ammonia had dropped some to about a 3 and I had nitrites and nitrates. So I thought I was well on my way to a cycled tank.

It's now 12/6 and things have barely moved my ammonia is between 1.5& 2. The nitrites are around a 5 and nitrates are also around a 5.

It seems that I am stuck. It's been over 30 days since I started.. Anyone have any ideas or do I just need to continue to impatiently wait for nature to do its thing?
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