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Thank you!

..and yes it's about time to trim the plants more, I've trimmed a bit of the downoi already but I need to be more aggressive.

I'm not supplementing carbon at all, no excel or Co2 and I'm barely fertilizing either, just a few drops every week with the water change and I don't remember to turn the light on every day either. The tank is next to a window and gets some natural light but that window is sort of in the shade of a wall so doesn't get super sunlight through it or anything.

The plants are growing very slowly but they seem healthy enough and Im not having huge algae problems or anything so I'm quite happy with the tank ticking over super low tech. It's the easiest tank to care for that Ive had so far and I'm really happy with how it looks.

My Tank - Low tech just under 50g
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My 4g planted nano
Fauna: 3 amano shrimp
Flora: hairgrass, pgostemon helferi, staurogyne repens
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