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Update.. I have been reducing light cycles, shut off 1 lamp, and I tried API algaefix. Still green... So I broke down and ordered a UV steralizer. Just dont tell my wife I ordered a Sun sun/perfect canister filter rated at 565 GPH and it has a UV steralizer built in. It was 98$ to my door including media. (bio balls,pads.carbon) I have a smaller sun sun on my 90g that I am going to switch to my 29g after I get both tanks clear. After the addition of the new filter my setup will be..90g-AC110+565gph sun sun, and on the 29g I will be adding the 265gph sun sun to it, it already has a 40g HOB on it but I guess you can never have too much filtration. I plan on taking before and after shots when the filter arrives and will post, HOPEFULLY Clear water...
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