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Originally Posted by teatimecrumpet View Post
Thanks guys,

Noticed you guys are in my time zone in the north. Since it's winter do you think I have to worry about air temps? My house would be around 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

I was going to put the saran wrap down at the bottom because if I put on the hood I was afraid the saran wrap would melt. I have a table that gets ok afternoon direct sun for a few hours would that much light work? Would it overheat?

How do I avoid algae growth when emersed?
i think it is a tropical plant(hc"cuba"? idk..), and you may want to grab a cheap under-tank heat mat(zoomed has some terrarium heaters that are paper thin, but are marked to NOT be near water) to warm the substrate.

i elevated the corners(pink erasers should work) and simply set the mat under the tank and turned it on. the tank was always super humid, and i believe the heat currents circulate water at the roots.
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