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HC carpet Plan--Doomed?


I'm new to planted tanks and aquariums. But hopefully will be receiving HC from gordonrichards soon.

I was going to go the moss and anubias route but then came across HC.

What are you thoughts on the success of this:
  • I plan to plant HC in carbisea eco-complete (2.5"-3"). I know it's not sand but would it work anyway?
  • Have it emersed and covered with saran wrap. (I wouldn't cover the top of the tank but would lay a piece of saran wrap over it doing my best to have the saran adhere to the sides as much as possible.
  • Lightly spraying daily with a 50/50 solution of this fertilizer keeping it moist but not pooling:
  • Then after a month if it's still alive add water to tank about an 1" a day.
  • Then use a diffuser to pump CO2 into the water from a diy yeast reactor once it's all sumberged?
  • Not sure on my lighting right now.
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