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Riparium Plant Availability 6 December 2012

Riparium Plant Availability - 6 December 2012

I am going to try to update with a new plant availability thread every couple of weeks.

I offer below a list of selections that I have in stock. Note that I still have plenty of Avicennia black mangrove.

I hope to have Acrostichum leather fern and Bacopa monnieri in again next week.

Most of these plant are rooted starts. They are ready to plant in your riparium planters, but will need some time to establish and grow in. So be patient with them!

Hanging Planter
  • Ruellia Bluebell - taller, true species plant, bright blue flowers, prune to size - $3.50
  • Ruellia 'Chi Chi' Bluebell - grows to about 14", lavender flowers - $3.50
  • Ruellia 'Katie' Dwarf Bluebell - dwarf plant only grows to 8", perfect for nano ripariums - $3.50
  • Asclepias Mexican Milkweed - blooms easily with red + orange milkweed blossoms, easy to train to size with pruning - $3.50
  • Cyperus Umbrella Sedge - a "dwarf" variety, but can grow rather tall (to 30") in time, use this plant to form a grassy background - $3.50
  • Zephyranthes citrina Yellow Rain Lily - this bulb plant has spindly, onion-like foliage, but it blooms with beautiful yellow lily flowers - $3.50
  • Avicennia germinans Black Mangrove - slow-growing tree for freshwater, brackish or marine riparium planting - $3 for FOUR propagules
Trellis Raft
  • Pilea aluminum plant - the best plant for trellis raft, sturdy and easy to grow - $3
  • Alternanthera - real attractive burgundy red and easy to grow - $3
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