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so im downsizing this tank to a 20 long. it actually wont be similar at all, haha! the only thing that will be the same are the filters and the fish (well only some, ill need to re home the angel)

im going to do a java fern jungle type scape with manzanita. im also going to use aquasoil for the plants. it will be low light still.

here is the hardscape idea

DSC_0007.jpg by orchidman-10, on Flickr

however, i did the hardscape (it was so hard to work with this wood!) in an old 20 long thats scratched and chipped. so ill have to transfer it over to a new tank soon. but im waiting for the petco 1$ per gallon sale.

im considering just taking the larger group of wood ( as seen below) and moving it closer to the center, and taking the smaller group of wood out.

DSC_0004.jpg by orchidman-10, on Flickr

the plants will be needle leaf java fern, blyxa japonica, crypts, anubias, fissidens, taiwan or similar moss, and maybe some hydrocotyl sibthorpioides.

the front will be cosmetic sand and the planted areas will be aquasoil
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