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Arrow Bogopolis - 30g w/ 20g sump (Pic Heavy)

Finally had some time to get this project rolling. This will be my second tank - inspired by the amount of fun an 8g nano has given me.

All of the equipment used was sourced from craigslist. Eventually, I will be converting a 20g tall (on the rack below the tank) into a sump with refugium. For now I'm using a 5g bucket. Anyway, onto the pics.

Getting started - wishing we had some black sand around here on the cheap.

Using miracle gro o/c - + worm castings and clay. Screwed the wood together to take care of the floating bits.

Using a Coralife 2x65W lamp + window light. Right now it has 2x 10k bulbs. I'll probably switch to 1x 10k 1x 6.5k

Remember kids, always play safe and bag it up.

Will probably be moving the java fern to the left side. I'd like to have lush growth from the left/center rear trailing off to the right. Might plant something like dwaf sag front/left and leave the front right bare.

I've planted some red ludwigia in the back - will have to see if there's enough light for her.

I've plumbed airline up through the tall arm of the driftwood - it lets a steady trickle of water run down to feed the mosses.

You can see the nipple sticking up just a bit.

Still dealing with the fog of war. I've added some floss to help clear things up.

That's it for now . Still trying to decide on the fauna - right now it's hosting some ghost shrimp to...test the waters. Input is definitely welcome. I'm having trouble choosing between Discus/Angels (too small for the former? =/) And bumblebee blennies, or dwaft cichlids, or a puffer...or a school of ras/tetras and some cories.

Thanks for looking all - happy planting
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