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Decide what you have to commit to the tank. If you have the time to commit to pruning and the money to commit to the initial cost of tank, regulator, and solenoid then go for it. You would also need to invest in ferts and set up a dosing schedule because the accelerated growth from the co2 injection would cause a higher demand for nutrients. There aren't many plants that actually require high light and co2 and if you wanted to try those plants it would be worth the investment, but if you're a casual hobbyist, low light/no co2 is a pretty safe bet. DiY co2 is a happy medium where ferts are beneficial, but not as strict. My issue with DiY is the possibility of fluxuations in co2 levels that will lead to algae. For me personally, i work about 60 hours a week plus i have a toddler so much of my time is already occupied. I stick with low light, weekly fert dosing, no co2 and bi-weekly water changes, if that. Keep it! adequately stocked and your fauna will provide your flora with everything they need.
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