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Originally Posted by Siggav View Post
Some rasporas are tiny and kribs and rams will eat them. Harlequin rasporas get close to 2" when fully grown so I think they would be safe. I've had neons without a problem with rams. It can depend on the individual fish I guess. Cichlids are fun like that.

Heh, well.. I can rehome them, if they do get too hard to handle. I added 4 more Harlequins Rosboras, but they developed white spot straight away. So, I've raised the temperature to 29/30C, but had already lost one and another one died later, despite not having any visible spots. 2 of the other look particularly bad, but the other 10 are healthy looking. They were all from the same pet shop, so I don't know if it was the newer 4 that all got ill or what.... I plan to do a large water change tomorrow and am adding garlic to their food. Would a 50% water change be alright?

I'm reluctant to medicate or even ass aquarium salt to the tank after reading so many conflicting opinions. Sigh. Hopefully the plants can cope with the higher temp momentarily.

Should of quarantined and will do so in the future. (Stupid, but I just thought Freshwater fish wouldn't really require it so much. Especially being the ONLY new fish in the tank)

Anyways I checked our your journals and I really adore your tank, the Penguin tetras are sweet as and the scape is sensational. I love love love that driftwood piece. Am looking for some like that myself. Are they available online at all? Local is fairly scarce.
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