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Originally Posted by tinkerpuppet View Post
Tonight I noticed one of my neons had this weird 'look' about it. Maybe a fungus or something around its middle. I have a little 5g that I bought as an extra tank, and I have a little sponge filter/powerhead combo, and an extra hob filter too. But then I realized that does me no real good as its not cycled anyways. I took the fish out and put it in the 5g as I don't want whatever the problem is spreading. I had the sponge filter going, but the powerhead is too strong and just blowing the poor thing around. So now its in an unfiltered, unheated, uncycled tank. Its taking its last breaths, so there's not much I can do, but it made me realize that I'm not prepared for if there is a problem where I need to remove a fish who will need care/new home.

Do others just have a tank running all the time just in case? How do you keep it cycled? Do you run an extra filter on your regular tank?

And if you notice a sick fish, do you put it in a tank of its own? What do you do with it? Is there some generic fish medicine?

I thought I put some thought into having a back up tank, but obviously I really didn't think it through all the way.

The fish has now died, I didn't even finish the post.
I'm really sorry about your Neon. You did a good job trying to save him. I don't know what he had but another poster suggested a couple of different medicines. But a lot of people use a 2nd tank to dose medicines when they don't want to dose the main tank. It could also double as a quarantine tank, kept running and cycled all the time. You could use a larger tank where the water would change more slowly than a 5. You could also put some substrate from the main tank in a bag and put it in the HOB and take the powerhead off-line.

Hope you feel better.

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