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Brian I can't flood or use co2 methods atm. I can't afford the co2 system atm ( I already told you this ). Dry start method isn't really a hassle, but the BGA infection from the increased light intensity (thanks to bryans advice) really set me back. Had to start from square one. Replanted all the hc one by one. It's been 3 weeks in now and the roots haven't dug in properly yet either. Although the browning is happening often I want to know if that's normal. I see alot of browning and then some new growth. Should I trim the browning leafs and trim the hc to promote the hc spreading? As you can tell I've had a lot of patience with this tank since the start. I would love to start filling it, but the plants health is more of a concern to me. I just want them to be thriving.

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