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Originally Posted by fplata View Post
Lol, I never want any algae. The OP will only do this one time, now there are some cool macro algaes that will create a cool escape, but they need to be collected and grown like plants. I actually think this is a bad idea, but I want to see pictures
i think ill be doing this more than once... the results of my first test were better than i thought they would be. the next thing i am going to try is setting up a tank with ONLY algae in it. ill probably try creating a farm look, with long thin rows of algae along the bottom and some farm decorations around it. i think a tractor and a barn would work. with the algae, i may be able to use it in ways i couldnt with a normal plant.

Originally Posted by View Post
I'm sure it could be done, but the problem is limiting that algae to only the areas you want it, it will soon take over everything and you will regret it.
im not finding this to be the case. if i let the clippings float freely, i do end up with little clumps of algae from time to time, but it doesnt take over like i thought it would. if i see a small ball of algae forming, i can just tug on a strand and the whole piece comes off. whatever species this algae is, its tough. it feels like wool.

Originally Posted by fplata View Post
High light/low co2 will get you all the algae you want also limit dosing one of your macros and stop water changes.
most algae probably wouldnt grow in my tank, but this stuff does. i have a couple DIY yeast reactors and 6 48inch t5s on it, which run 24/7. i had three DIY bottles, but three was enough to gas my shrimp so i pulled one. there is very little algae to speak of, even after three weeks. in my other tanks that i have tested the algae in, it grows about an inch every 4-5 days. the substrate is cow manure and kitty litter, so i imagine that if i let up on the CO2 the algae will gain the upper hand.

so far, the tank looks good.

and so does the algae:

when i decided to try it, i had already envisioned how i wanted it to work. i wanted it to be easy to scape with and i didnt want it to take over my tank. i tried growing several types out before i stumbled on a way to make the type of scapeable algae i wanted.

so far so good. i have my thumbs crossed that it will behave how i want it to behave when i devote a tank entirely to it.
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