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I second dwarf sag. I have some growing all over the bottom of a 29g. It's a tall tank AND it's using the ancient hood and light that came with it. It's very low light and still dwarf sag does well with minimal ferts and of course no co2. I do have eco-complete substrate though. I don't like it so much though.

Since my 29g is lush even though it's very low light and low tech, I'll go through what I have. Even with the basic stock light on a 10g, you will get brighter light than my 29g gets, so whatever I'm growing will certainly work for you.

My anubias are putting out new leaves all the time and the crypts I have are doing very well. I think I have 5 species of crypts.... All the common ones I found on this forum that folks were selling because they had surplus. They put out new leaves constantly, but I do use root tabs for them. It's a basically a small rock of fertilizer you stick under the plants (like crypts) in the substrate, and it slowly releases the fertilizer over time. I think 3 months of something. Jungle vals also do well.

If you go through the nano tank forum you will find lots of stocking ideas for your tank. I am a big fan of a small schooling species with one centerpiece.
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