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Originally Posted by tomfromstlouis View Post
I do not have much experience with most of the fish on your list, but my initial response is to consider larger groups of fewer species. I have a school of 44 rummynose tetras and they have changed my definition of what constitutes a "school". In a tank this size I would consider anything under 12-15 individuals an experiment which you later fix by buying more or taking them out. A real school in this tank would have 20-25 individuals IMO. Exception: the discus or other large center piece fish.

So in your case I would get more of or eliminate the loaches, cats, otos, rasboras. The kribs and rams are not schoolers and are special cases, but again I would consider just one or two of the three you list.

Why? This may be personal preference, but I find the overall scene more peaceful with fewer species. The view is less of a jumble and more of a coherent environment. Watch any underwater video short of a coral reef and you will see what I mean.

How's this list?
15-20 sterbai cats
25 lemon tetras
12-15 otos
15-20 harlequins
6 discus (same color)
one or two pair kribs/rams

Just my thoughts and probably worth what you paid for them....

Thanks, I'm definitely considering narrowing my choices down and going with fewer species but larger and more simple/cohesive groups... I suppose the choices are also overwhelming. I was planning on at least 20 Lemon tetras, and the biggest school.. But could always add more if, once in the tank, it doesn't look like enough.

I was thinking the Harlequins would be a smaller, but still large school... maybe 20 of these, then 30 Lemons? is that too much?

I didn't realize Otos actually schooled?

I do like the idea of choosing just one catfish... But at the same time i love the different look of the Emeralds. Dilema haha

But I see what you're getting at and will have to think about what I really want long term.

Thank you very much, your ideas are really appreciated and helpful
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