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I dose an excessive amount of iron twice a week. It goes against my typically regimented dosing mindset, but I literally just open the bottle and pour about a half-second worth of Seachem Iron in. The new growth was very yellowed and thin prior to adding so much iron; since then it's been coming in nice and green for the rest of the plants, and red for the AR.

We had hard, mineral-rich water in TN. Here, we have much softer water from the Great Lakes.

Went to the local Airgas to swap out cylinders today. They gave me a few extra o-rings, and a tank that feels ridiculously full compared to the shortchanged cylinders we got down south. Slapped on the SuMo regulator and a Fluval diffuser.

Next step is adding some dwarf hairgrass and an army of otos and corys.

Back to the hospital tomorrow for another appointment, but my wife and I are looking forward to this one because it means Fudrucker's for dinner on the way home!
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