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Full tank shot. Removed the pennywort and put back about half the mass but it is currently planted. That is a first, usually it pulls right up after I turn on the pumps. I was surprised to see very few damaged leaves, thought there would lots of shredded stuff due to the surface water movement.

P. Kawagoeanum. Leaves are getting longer and color brighter. I haven't counted how many healthy leaves the stems are carrying but when I picked off the dying leaves I was very pleased to note that few of them were BBA infested. In spite of Metricide dosing at water changes most old leaves still had BBA in the old tank.

BGA has attacked! I pushed it down beneath the gravel with a plastic card yesterday but missed a bit. See it to the left of the white pebble in the substrate? I pushed that part down after I took the photo. Hoping I don't have to break out the Koralia for more current across the left end of the tank. I got the Marsilea from Wasserpest and he didn't know which species he had. It seems to be more than one as some fronds are a lot smaller than others.

End view. I trimmed off all the damaged leaves I could find, pruned back the pennywort and attacked the BGA but didn't wipe down the tank panes. This shows 2 weeks worth of algae. My feeble excuse, poor otos and BNP need the biofilm on the panes. Hairgrass is looking fine, maybe it won't take 4 months to become a nice thick lawn, well grassy patches, this time.

No fish in the overflow box this week. When I turn the pumps back on the flow has been balanced right away, no fussing with ball valves. I don't know why it took a couple weeks for that to work out and seems to be fine now. I still won't leave the house for a couple hours after pumps are off/on just in case something goes wrong.

Had a little leak on the CO2 line. When the gas was off water backed up to the brass check valve and was bubbling out. Guessing when gas was on gas was bubbling out! A hint. Don't cut the CO2 line unless there is a check valve between the water and the cut when the tank pumps are running. Bad idea. So back to the reliable Dennerle check valve with locking tubing nuts. Would like to put another check valve back on as the Dennerle is 12 years old, maybe that box of hose clamps in the garage has a couple that are small enough.
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