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thanks matt no need to apologize man... i don't mind a low key thread lol

it only took me 12 months to figure out how certain plants grow and what conditions they prefer... now i feel more confident in trying actually scale my tank. my biggest challenge now is to scape around my crypts that seem to have chosen their spots in my tank lol

as for the background plants I totally agree and share the same intent. i got a beautiful hybrid crypt from gordon that i planted recently back there. i hope it wakes up and tuns into a beast, which should fill that space. believe it or not i have several crypts back there already one that just got huge (c. blassi) and too tall as the leaves are all at the surface of my tank and a c. moehlmanni that is looking healthy but still needs to get fuller.

i was able to get my hands on some
L pantanal i hope will flourish. i hope my crypts flourish back there and create a nice green backdrop for them to pop.

as for the foreground, i really didn't think i could get those star repens to take root from those emersed cuttings. last attempt was a failure as i didn't have co2 yet and they mostly melted. my other foreground plant is limno mini i plugged in there a couple weeks ago. i only planted 3 stems (from emersed cuttings) and they seem to have taken a liking to the tank as well. again probabbly the co2 as they shriveled up last attempt during exel only.

my biggest concern right now is some
BBA and an unidentified green slime, very little on the substrate. it seems its under control however as i have been rigorous with co2, hand removal and water changes

i feel its been a great learning experience for me as i've practiaclly tried almost every kind of available stem and rooter crammed into my little 20L... truly my beloved workbench.

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