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Side view needs a piece of wood to mount the Bolbitus and Buces on and to create a nice cave for plecos, Elelphant Noses, and Botia. I've been slacking on putting it together.

I'll be adding more and more Fissidens on the divider branches. Trying not to go over board with it though.

I'll be removing the Hydrothrix from all tanks, it's too weedy.
Erio setaceum type 3 is ideal, but temperamental when crowded.
L gigenta well, is too weedy. I can use it as a temp display though.

Still after a broader leaf non repens group red plant for the rear. Might have to go back to the R. macrandra. I have some A cardinalis emergent I could put in there, but it does well for awhile, then craps out. Too much light, even in the darker shaded spots, tank is just too shallow.

The UG continues to fill in and will densen up about another 2x as much again and then shorten itself some and the leaves will flatten out some more.

I still need to add more ADA AS to the Downoi row so it raises that bed up higher so it's easier to view. I could remove the Downoi and then add Erio's there. Then place the Downoi somewhere else, but that's always a PITA. Downoi is easier to reproduce and thus more salable than Erio's.

Tom Barr
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