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Pond snail?

After reading about pond snails from a few internet sources Im a bit confused/skeptical about what Ive read. First, I did learn that my snail population is part of my bio load. It seems obvious but I really hadnt considered it in the past. Now heres where im confused, every thing I read says that overfeeding is what makes the population explode. Well Ive had a low tech 10g planted set up now for 3 months. Got the snails pretty much right off the bat from plants, and the population was massive in the 1st month and has not declined at all. This tank has no other life in it and I have not put a drop of food into the tank since its start. It is a Dirted tank, MGOCPM, capped with sand. The tank did cycle through an algae phase, but bounced back quickly. My thinking was that the snails were eating my diatoms, and hair algae. But it hasnt had any algae now for 2 months (besides a couple small BBA outbreaks) So at this point whats keeping these buggers numbers so high? I dont really mind a few, in fact I havent tried removing them yet at all, because my 10G low tech is doing and looking way better than my 29g and 90g high tech on the cheap tanks. BUT I would like to take their numbers down quite a bit, mainly for aesthetic reasons. I thought this would happen naturally after the algae was eaten away, I guess not. Whats your thoughts are they surviving off new algae growth that gets eaten so fast I dont notice it??? or maybe off something in the soil?? Also, are there any small 2"max fish that would eat pond snails, or at least a few snailets?
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