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Help would be nice

So I started a tank journal, and I am running into problems, and since no one reads that thread, I started a new one to address my problems. About a month ago, I started a 3 gallon cube emersed setup.
Substrate- Eco-Complete
Lighting 1x 13w CFL
Flora- HC
Dwarf Hairgrass

I planted the DHF about 1 week after the HC and since then, my HC has really taken off, rooting and spreading and all that jazz. My DHG however, is pitiful. It really has not shown much sign of growth. Really only signs of death. I gave it a haircut in hopes that it would help, but still nothing. I mist with water laced with Flourish, and thats about it. Can ANYONE help me on this? Or will my DHG die in vain? I've scoured the internet, but I don't see anything that seems to be in common with other problems I read about.

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