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other then pulling the plug after stopping the water flow I don't personally see what the big fuss is about. Sure he rinsed his mechanical filtration in Tap Water big deal it's mechanical filtration about the same as putting in a new filter sponge.

Did he rinse his bio media? Nope Was it necessary probably not can't say for sure wasn't there.
Did he clean his impeller? Nope Again probably wasn't needed at the time of the video.
Did he clean his hoses? Nope Again probably wasn't needed at the time of the video.

Did he claim it to be the end all be all video of how to clean a canister NOPE Not once.

Is he someone with access to a video camera and is fairly enthusiastic about his hobby? Most Likely the case.

Do I see flaws in his approach yes, is it going to negatively impact his fish I doubt it from the little I see in the video. But instead of being so negative maybe you could post on his account and offer some advice on what he might be able to improve on instead of trying to ridicule them on another venue for their lack of knowledge or what you perceive as a lack of knowledge.

You claim to see major errors in what he is doing but you don't point them out you leave it for others to find. List what you perceive to be the mistakes he's making and list the reasons why and what should be done instead. that would be of great benefit to those who are new to the hobby, instead you post came off more like the that one kid in school that would just point and laugh at someone else having a hard time but never offer to help them.

Again not to seem as if I'm attacking you personally it's just an observation.
I'm only here for the fish ok ok and the plants.

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