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Update, huh?

Well, it's not very exciting.

That's a quick crappy cell phone pic. I'll get some better ones up maybe this weekend. I just did an annual cleaning (ahem, yes, annual ), so the water is very cloudy. It's not cloudy normally.

Life took a great turn since my last update. I got a new job in November of 2010, my wife got pregnant in December 2010, and we had a daughter in September of 2011. And, on top of ALL of that, my wife and I built (ourselves) a 700g garden pond in our backyard. So all of my tanks took a major backseat.

The plumbing on this tank has never been quite right. My CO2 injection never worked like I wanted it to (the Mag 7 was just too power and pushed co2 bubbles into the tank before they were ready) and the plumbing has been a headache to prime. Point is, I moth balled the Mag 7 which meant turning off co2 injection and auto dosing. The picture you see is what that does to a tank like this 18 months later. Surprisingly, I only lost the lilaeopsis (which was probably never going to do well in this tank anyway).

The upside is that the java fern has done great, my anubias have grown monsterous, and all the fish are pretty happy.

My daughter is now 15 months old, on a regular schedule, and becoming much more self sufficient so that leaves more time for things like aquariums (plus its too cold to put love into my pond.

In the coming months (hopefully more like weeks) I'll be putting some work into this tank. First I'm going to add some C. parva in the front. After that, time permitting, I'm going to redo the plumbing a bit. I want to keep all the function but add in a few key learnings after using it for a few years. Namely, I need things to be much more accessible with fewer twists and turns. I will also be removing the Mag 7 and just running the Eheims.

All of the fish have done really well. The angels are pretty stunning in person. I'm a little sad I didn't have room for a 6 foot tank, cause it seems like they just get up to speed in formation right as they hit the 4 ft mark and have to turn around.

In addition to that, expect an update on my ADA-60P sooner than later as well.
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