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Originally Posted by secuono View Post
Love it!

Though, is the plant behind the light supposed to be so pale? If it's the same plant I had, which started out dang near white, then with time and good lighting it greened up.
I honestly don't even know what that plant is. Found it at the grocerie store.. there were a few dark ones and a few pale so I figured it was two sorts of the same plant. Anyone knows the name of it?

I thought cories too, but I think its too cool for them. Since the water is aerated it drops below 20C even if the room is warmer.. its quite tricky to fit anything in. Any cool water cories out there? I could put a fancy goldfish in there but it would probably outgrow it pretty fast.

Originally Posted by driftwoodhunter View Post
That is very cool! I wish you had written a tank journal on it, I bet a lot of us would like to see how it's made!

I do have pics from the build. These are from the later stages, the early I dont know where they are.. Its built from left over marine plywood, coated with spray on Plasti dip (liquid rubber) and then siliconed. Turned out not even the silicone u see in the pics was enough so I had to scrape of the Plasti dip from the parts I wanted to silicone. Quite a hassle.

The upper level has overflow holes in the front, and the bigger box has the top of a soda bottle as an outflow, so I can seal it with a screw on cap and take it off / put in a window etc.

And some pics of the little poser:

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