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Originally Posted by DogFish View Post
Nick great pics

"Supreme Red Neo" It's getting more & more complicated for us casual cherry shrimp owners to keep track of these guys. Maybe instead of all these marketing names you could use the Year they came out like wine vintage years.

I'll have a dozen 2012s


Honestly, I don't do any shrimp naming myself. All names are direct from the breeders. The way I see it, it takes years to get a stable line going so those folks have the right to name their shrimp whatever they want since they created it. If it were me, I'd just name them speedie's red neos .

Originally Posted by c_gwinner View Post
Wanna say first guy is a blue bolt maybe crossed with a wine red? Probably wrong on that one.

I do remember the inverse OEBT, she is looking good. Maybe if you could breed to express those genes you could call it a Ghost OEBT haha.

Lovely shrimp as always man. Cool to see the grown and progress of the shrimp too.
First shrimp is a Tibee I got from Micha Nadal. It was blue when it was young, but now that it's matured a bit, the color changed. I have no idea what the parents were.

Ghost OEBT... I like that .

Originally Posted by Betta Maniac View Post
First guy look like a Larry Shrimp (or a Larry cross).
Nope :P. Nice try tho.
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