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Originally Posted by Newman View Post
just be careful of some unofficial stuff especially if you do not know the guy at all. Some people out there will trick you in order to get you money or labor. They like to think of elaborate stories to draw onto a person's morality and elicit help from them.
I hope you are not in such a situation. Make sure he does start paying you at some point in the future (when his situation straightens out.)
I am being cautious and once I feel like his business is finally finished and up and running I am going to work for cash. He has said he really wants to hire me but doesn't have the time to train me or the money to hire me. His other employees refuse to work for free while he tries to open up (which is understandable since they need money).

Honestly at this point, getting money is just a bonus as I have always wanted to work at a LFS and enjoy the feeling like I'm doing something that mimics something I'd do as a living, rather than just filling out senseless "busy work" on a sheet of paper for a grade which, in reality, means nothing (I comfortably get B+ to A w/o much effort currently and I have 2 AP courses and a grade higher for math).

I have to say that i am no fan of flourite in general. i know it has plenty of iron and other nice things, but it can't even be compared to organic soil. the only upside is that its lasts basically forever while the benefits of organic soil go away after a few years.
Its fine to leave puddles i think. like you said it will evaporate.
just try to make a plastic wrap cover out of a couple of sheets taped together. i see you tried.
Mist the plants every day. maybe that will help?

About the flora - pick you favorites, make sketches of what it will look like, what you want it to look like and plant accordingly.
So far I love this soil as it is less of a hassle. Also the fact that I would pretty much never have to change the substrate unlike potting soil which is a big plus for me.

Plants for now are just things I already have (which isn't much) and eventually I'll add more.

I figured out a way to mist it well so that shouldn't be an issue now.

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