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ok, so, according to you, i have been cleaning my canisters wrong for 30 years and all my fish should have died many times over? please, if you don't mind, enlighten me on how exactly i should be cleaning my filters? guess those reef tanks i had back in the 90's survived out of luck

first off, he never stated that it was an instructional video on how to clean your filter, it was just a vid of someone cleaning their filter. second, brita reduces greatly the amount of chlorine in the water, i know many people who breed frogs that use that exact same faucet filter with no problems. third, you are assuming that he has chlorine in his water, not everybody does.

in one post you stated something about reading directions and in another, you are talking about chlorine. so i am still quite confused over what exactly your issue is with this YOU-tube video. and quite frankly, if you were someone who was going onto you-tube to find out how to clean your canister, you're probably a lost cause i do not mean you specifically, so no need to get testy.

and i agree, to an extent, a previous post about info found on the web as well as this forum. i never see forums as the definitive "guide" to anything. i believe that on forums, such as this one, you garner many sources of insight and information and then make your own educated decisions. but i also realize that some people do not see it that way.
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