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Got this thing going!

Just started with some plants in the 5g that I'll be tearing down when this is set up.

Also I didn't plant much as I'm still saving for that DW and don't wanna deal with the hassle of moving everything around once it is established.

Hydrocotyle sp.

Pogostemon erectus (I know there is a small bit of water, but it will evaporate quicky and if it doesn't I will siphon it out)

I was fortunate to find an old grow bulb I had laying around and will work as a temporary light fixture.

I must say that after using this Black Flourite, I don't think I can go back to the PITA Organic Potting Soil.

Does anyone have suggestions for covering it and misting it? The tank is barely too wide for 1 sheet of SARAN wrap and is extremely hard to mist the tank.

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