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i could, but the way they are arranged wouldnt really allow for that. i have a few rubberbanded together. so that should help a before i scaped this, about 2 weeks ago, the wood had been soaking for a few months and was fully water logged and sunk very you guys think ill have trouble with them trying to float once i eventually fill? i hope they dont! im waiting for petco to have a $1 per gallon sale and then ill get the new tank and transfer the scape over. then ill put the tank on my orchid stand under my grow lights and do a dry start with the fissidens and ill add whatever plants i can as i buy them. then once it finally grows in, ill fill it and let it cycle. once its cycled ill add the fish over from the other tank.

so for the 4g im really wishing i had used aquasoil! but its too late now, because i cant think of how to switch to aquasoil now because of the monomania leaching.

im thinking its time to get some superglue and glue these anubias 'micro' to some small rocks. because they are making me SOOO MAD because they keep flaoting up and ive had it with trying to deal with them! lol im also thinking it might be wise to find somewhere in the scape wherei could add a bushy plant that the betta could hide in ( any suggestions as to plants or placement?!) because the poot guy doesn have much space to hide...maybe i should just rescape and do something with denser coverage..idk
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