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Originally Posted by PlantedRich View Post
Okay, rather than look at this from the position of experienced users who pretty much know what we need, let's look at this from the position of a new guy who really wants to know how to clean and maintain his canister filter.

Does this U-tube tell a new guy what he needs to know or does it just lead him into making mistakes and thinking he knows what is needed?

Several have mentioned chlorine in the tap water. We all pretty much agree that it may not be best but is no big thing? Maybe telling the new guy not to unnecessarily wipe out bacteria with chlorine would help? Small suggestion to use tank or dechlor water?

So the new guy goes along thinking this is all he needs to do? At least one of you good folks said this is exactly what you've been doing for thirty years!

I'm betting there are a couple other things you may have been doing in the last few years that are not mentioned in the video. .
Any body see some things left out that may ruin the new guy's day if he misses them?
Ah, ok. That does make more sense.

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