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I got my flourish root tabs today and stuck them in. so far my moneywort is not doing well, most of the leaves are melting BUT there are bigger leaves growing on some of them so I am giving it time. but the anubias is absolutely beautiful as is the wisteria! the anacharis is alright, I am not in love with it. I planted it all by the back of the tank but it doesn't go with the other plants. I also at the risk of melting the anacharis started doing 1ml doses of excel everyday. so far its no big deal, but its only been two days. I also got a piece of mopani driftwood that is nice and tall and it looks pretty good! It is a vibrant kind of blood red, will that fade over time though?
Next I will be getting pennywort, java fern, java moss, and the small crypt wendtii. I want to have the entire tank mostly green!

My Aquaclear 70 is also much better than the Penguin. it is on the lowest flow setting so the substrate doesnt fly all over the place and I can't hear it at all. My Hydor THEO heater is acting funny though, it doesn't seem to keep the temp. consistant...this morning it was set to 75 and the water was 80 degrees =/
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