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Originally Posted by marko d View Post
Is the light you're using the ZooMed 30" Dual T5? If so, how do you like it? I've been looking into getting one, but have been researching my options extensively.

Right you are, Ken (I know you're Marko but I like that phrase). That light is indeed a ZooMed 30" Dual T5. T5HO I might add. And I like it quite a bit! The bulbs are 22", so that's a little bit of a drawback. But it's enough light for me and my HC! Also, it comes with kind of a cable kit that lets you dangle it above your tank from the ceiling if you so choose. Which brings me to my next point...

We are moving this weekend. So I'm going to try and move this tank with the water out. If anyone has any tips on moving a tank, let me know. Otherwise, I'm just gonna empty it, put the fish and shrimpsters in some buckets, take it to our new place, and dump it all back together. Wish me luck.
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