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Hey all,
It has been about 2 months since and with my DIY setup, i have been able to achieve decent CO2 levels but i have decided to move to pressurized CO2 for a few reasons. Recently i began EI, and the first thing i noticed was my CO2 indicator fluctuates from green in morning to blue green at the end of the day. From my experience, DIY output is not large enough at least with a plastic bottle. Second, There is no control i have over the amount of CO2 and consistent CO2 levels are key to preventing algae and promoting good growth. I have definitely been learning loads about plant health, the hobby, and where i want to go (aquascaping competitions) over the past 2 months. From common sense, i think my lights and ferts are good so the only thing that is stunting my growth from what i see is my CO2 and i will update how the pressurized system goes. Seems like its time to make a ton of desserts with all this sugar XD.
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