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What would you stock with Cory Habrosus?

Hey everyone. I have a dilema. I want to stock my 75 gallon planted tank with more fish. Currently I have 2 flying flox, 2 longfin danio, 1 siamese algae eater, 6 pygmy cory and 12 cory Habrosus and a whole bunch of assassin snails. I would like to add more more fish, but not sure what species. I kinda want a pair of badis, but here they can be difficult. Knowing what I have what would you all think is a good combo? I am also thinking of putting bloody mary culls in for giggles so larger shrimp friendly is a plus. Thanks for your opinions everyone.
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Zebra Danios (long fin or normal) generally prefer to be in schools of 6 or more. Reports are they can become aggressive if the school isn't large enough to make them feel safe. I might start there, unless you don't want to keep them long-term.

As for shrimp-safe, the corries and danios already will eat shrimplets and possibly pick apart small adults. Works for some, but not always
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The flying foxes may or may not end up being a problem with your cories.
Also, the siamese algae eater... True siamese?
Nothing is truly shrimp-safe aside from otos, as basically everything will eat baby shrimp.
Considered a twig catfish? Algae-eater that won't hurt anybody.

My adventures in keeping Indostomus crocodilus, the crocodile toothpick fish. AKA armored stickleback, paradox fish, and freshwater pipefish. Care is (to the best of my knowledge) exactly the same as Indostomus paradoxus.
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I have one Habrosus cory in my 55 Gallon. Yes, ONE (I bought him because I saw him alone at my lfs so I guess he might benefit from the company of my gang of corys)! He seems to bond with my julii corys.

I have 20+ corydoras, 4 GBRs, 6 Denison Barbs, 3 BN Plecos, 1 Candystripe Pleco, 4 Rummynoses and 5 CPDs and 2 Koi Angels. None of them seems to bother him and he looks happy scavenging in the fore ground most of the time with his big brothers (1.75" julii corys).

Whatever you get, stay away from Yo-Yo Loaches. There were an incident last month caused my 1 of my panda to lose his tail over night. I finally found out a few days later the culprit was my yo-yo loach as he attacked and ripped out the pectoral fins of one of my julii. Since I got rid of that murderer, all my fish seem to be happy together. Even in that one time when I accidentally gassed them, they all hid together behind a piece of driftwood on the other side of co2 source. NO aggression between any of them, even the rams (they were probably busy talking nasty stuff about me tho ).
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I have a 75 with 8 Habrosus 4 Orange lazers, 3 Emerald 4 seussi 4 similis.

Longfin lemondrop, Blue Phantom, Super Red plecos.

13 Rummynose,12 harlequin rasboras, 10 Brilliant red tail rasboras, and 5 brass tetras, 4 autos, hundreds of Taiwan Super red shrimp and 15 amanos 15 assassins fully planted with a fx5.

Danios should be in a larger school for sure.

Flying fox can become increasingly territorial as they mature and can show high levels of aggression towards similar looking fish and you said you had a SAE so be careful. Your fox may also pick on your cory's
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So far the flying foxes are leaving the cories alone, but the sae is going after them and the flying foxes. I plan on moving him over to another tank. I also planned on getting a few more danios. I will be getting about 6 amanos and an additional 10 habrosus. I just don't want to overstock my tank so I figured it would be moving them in slowly. Are GBR's territorial too? Thanks!
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I have 5 GBRs actually (1 Angel Blue Ram, 1 Gold Ram, 3 Blue Rams) for 2 months. The Angel and 3 Blue rams are males. I can't sex my Gold Ram but *she* seems to bond very closely with my Angel and him with *her*. Those 2 never fight. The 3 other Blue Ram fight sometime but only for 5s ~ 10s (or doing their dance) and then move along. Only when I feed them frozen food, they would fight, rest for a few minutes then fight again. During that period, none of them showed any sign of stress (weird thing is the ram that I bought from Petsmart always wins against the other 2 from lfs). One other thing to take into account tho, is that I provide plenty of hiding spots in my tank.

And the most important thing is they don't attack any other fish (not even when they're high on frozen food). I spent 4 hours watching them once when they were high, no aggression towards other fish.
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