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hi, people umm i'm very new to this fish "hobby" and i just moved into a basement and as a house welcoming present my landlord (oh does'nt know any english AT ALL!) give me a 2 gallon hexagon shaped plastic tank, at fisrt i did'nt know wat to do, but he comes to vist and wants to see the tank set up with fish, i did some research but i'm totally lost. i went to a local pet shop and they told me the best fish to keep in this small tank would be a Betta Fish? the man was'nt really giving me facts but was trying to sell me diffrent type of fish! i was wondering if bettas are the only fish that i could keep in the tank, i know that bettas can't be kept with other bettas but can i put anything else in the tank with it, like a snail or somthing??... i know this is stupied but on the box it shows a lot of little fish living in this small tank... is that possable.. !! I NEED YOUR HELP !!! i'm very sorry to ask this really dumb q's but :S i NEED ANSWERS !!!
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Yup a snail would be nice, and maybe 2 or 3 white cloud minnows, the betta should only fight other bettas and gouramis...

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Are these real?
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A 2 gal "tank" is really too small to keep fish. Be very sceptical to recommendations of your pet shop, unfortunately most of them don't care about animals, and selling you fish that will die in a few days is a great way for them to increase their cash flow.
If you are experienced, you can probably keep a Betta in a container of this size, but you should be familiar with water changes, chlorine, the nitrogen cycle, feeding, temperatures and many more aspects of fishkeeping. If that isn't the case, you shouldn't listen to your landlord (pretend you don't understand her/him), or pet store, for that matter.
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Stuff you will need to keep a betta:

filter: either a hang on the back or under gravel type will work.
de-chlorinator (aka. tap water conditiner): get one that treats chlorine and chloramine
food: floating betta bits are a good start. Suppliment with freeze dried bloodworms as a treat.

it would be best if you bought a test kit for ammonia and nitrite. For the first 2 months test for both twice a week. If either doesn't read 0, do a 1 gallon water change. If you don't buy the test kit do a 1 gallon water change weekly and you should be good.

Only keep 1 fish in that aquarium. After 2 months you can try adding an apple snail or 2, they are fun to watch.

Feed the fish 4-6 times a week, only the ammount he can eat in 3 minutes. Overfeeding will foul the water.

If any of this sounds like too much of a commitment. Don't bother with the tank. The fish will die and you will have spent ~$50.
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A 2G is a bit small for any fish but you could keep one Betta only, 1-2 Dwarf puffers only or 1-2 endlers only. I do agree with wasserpest & digger get fimaliar with water changes, filters and test kits first before getting any fish.

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Well a Betta would probably be the easiest to keep, but a few (2-4) white clouds might be ok. It depends on how well it is filtered and how much time you are willing to spend on maintenance like changing the water.

One of the women I work with has a Betta on her file cabinet in a vase that can't be much more than a gallon. It doesn't have a filter at all, it just has a cutting of a Philodendron sticking out the top. I'm not sure about how often the water is changed, the owner said she doesn't do it as much as she should.
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omg, you guys don't know how much i appreciate your advice thanks sooo much thanks for the help
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I have seen at our vets office there is also one of those - less than a gallon jobbies - it has 2 danios and a betta in, they say they only top up the water.. and those fishies nust be in there for over a year now...

Also with only a piece of cabomba....

Me, I would never do that to fish myself

Cape Town, South Africa.

Hi. I'm back.
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puffers are freshwater?

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Are these real?
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There are freshwater puffers, freshwater shrimps, freshwater flounders... amazing stuff out there :mrgreen:
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my first tank was a 2g hex, i had a few goldfish at first but then after they snuffed it i had 5 wcmm's and 1 gold fish and they all lived fine for ages. we allways changed half every week and added a small amount of stress stuff. maybe if you use sand and a very small internal filter, 10 fluval or sumthing. ug are to much hassel they should be nuked and never used again. check you can slow the flow of the filter before buying and if you cant at that perticular store, im sure someone on here will recomend a small one which you can get in the states. if you use sand as a substrate and add a small amount of filter cycle every water change you will most proberly develop a nice healty betta, we have 2 bettas and the one with his own tank has nice untorn fins, very dark head and looks very livly. if your gonna get a fish, get a betta.

its only males they cannot be paid with, however just 1 female would prolly get beat or killed in such a small tank.

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