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Dwarf Puffer advice & suggestions

Ive been thinking about getting one doing some research and such. Then a dwarf puffer thread popped up on here and that was just fule to the fire, lol.

I already have an extra 10 gallon up and running full of snail's. its just a very simple tank with a few plants & sponge filters. When my 75s get over ran with snails I just dump them in the 10 then later donate them to the LFS.

My questions are.
1. What type of filter do you suggest, a sponge or HOB.
2. Is a 10 gallon enough for 1 or possibly 2 dwarf puffers.
3. Possible other tank mates? Would a single puffer alone get depressed or lonely.
4. Anything specific to keeping puffers or pointers from people who already have them.

Thanks everyone. Fish on

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1.) I used an AC20

2.) You can do up to three, but it will depend on their personalities. Just try to break up as many lines of sight as possible and give each puffer a little place they can seclude themselves and call home.

3.) Oto cat's do really well and many people have had success with shrimp. I think otos will always work but with shrimp your mileage may vary. The other option may be some really fast swimming fish like danios or other type of minnow. Puffers are slow swimmers so if they can be evaded they might work. I wouldn't try anything with long fins though.

4.) Enjoy them, feed them well, and give them lots of attention. Keep the tank really interesting because puffers are very intelligent and curious creatures and if they get bored it could create aggression. Rearranging the tank every now and then is also a good thing. Do not feed them mystery trumpet snails. The shells are very hard and can break their beaks. I fed mine bloodworms, tubifex, and blackworms. They can easily be trained to feed by hand or by tweezers or tongs.
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Thanks for the heads up on the trumpet snails, I have tons of them in there. Guess I might need to start removing them before I put a puffer in.

A few danios would be cool, i've never had them before.

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Go for it! I'm new to them myself but can't imagine a better fish for a small tank. I have three in a 7 gallon (12" cube) and there's enough planting density (principally a very thick stand of C. Wendtii) that they each have their own space.

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Any filter will work as long as the flow is not excessive. They do not do well in fast moving water.

Dwarf puffers do fine alone. In fact they are better off as an only fish. You need 5 gallons at least for each puffer so only two to a ten gallon. You will need plenty of plants and decor to break up their site line or they will fight for territory.

No fish is safe with a mature dwarf puffer. People have gotten away with keeping bottom dwellers but any fish that swims around the tank will be killed. When the puffer is immature it will tolerate other fish. Once it becomes mature it will try its' best to kill the other fish. Do a search on here for dwarf puffer and you will see what happens. Another member started out with other fish in his puffer tank and thought they would be fine despite being told differently. A few weeks later he reported all other fish were dead or had bites taken out of them. He ended up returning the puffer.

Here is a site dedicated to all things puffer. http://www.thepufferforum.com/forum/...2de8326cef6472 He was a life saver when I got a dwarf puffer.
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Thanks Wildroseofky after consideration ive decided to go with just 2 puffers. There should be enough plants to break up territories, I may have to rescape things a bit and possibly add in some water sprite out of the Angelfish tank, it grows thick enough to be a natural divider. plus its the only thick bushy plant I have.

I've read that they dont have scales but very thin skin and can get cut easily. I know to avoid sharp rocks/wood but what about my substrate. I use black Diamond sand in all my tanks except for my African Cichlids (pool filter sand). My cories or otos have not had any issues with it so I'm assuming it will be fine with the Puffers. **I read to be careful of substrate with puffers and to use only very soft sand** hence why I ask.

Thanks everyone for all the informative responses. I try to provide the safest, enjoyable, most natural environment for all my aquatic friends.

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I have the Black Diamond stuff in all of my tanks and my puffer never had a problem. Be careful of adding in driftwood and stuff though. I killed mine with a piece of scavenged wood before I learned that lesson. Turned out the wood I found was a no no in tanks. It was a hard lesson to learn. I am getting another one soon and have made it a point of learning everything I could on puffers. They are so cute and interactive. You also need to get frozen blood worms. Almost all puffers will not eat freeze dried food. I started an earthworm colony for mine and would feed him the baby earthworms. He preferred snails though. You also need to get a puffer safe worm med like Metronidazole (a freshwater fish medication) and Levamisole Hydrochloride (a livestock dewormer). Almost all puffers come with worms. Most are wild caught. Occasionally you can get captive breed but it is still hard to breed them so most are wild caught. Ask the place you get yours from and they can tell you. Also, do not expose your puffer to air when transferring it from the tank to bag and bag to tank. They can suck in air and it almost always kills them. Scoop him out with a cup and lower him into the water. Here is a puffer care sheet to help you http://www.thepufferforum.com/forum/...arfpuffercare/
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