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Originally Posted by staypuft View Post
1. I went out of town and asked my brother to watch my tank, I had everything laid out with the right amounts of food per day, ferts, etc. and my brother thought it would work if he put EVERYTHING in on the first day so he wouldn't have to worry about it for the next week and a half, I lost an angel I had raised from dime sized, a breeding pair of rams and babies, and many other fish.
Hate that, almost better to invest in an auto doser/feeder.
Incidentally that line of thinking is was turned my (and probably many other people's) cats obese as hell when cat-sat by others. "I'll just dump a whole bag of food out and not come take care of them for the week..."
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I've had normal fish death, but the funniest death in my aquarium was a drowning. I use a water hose from outside to drain my tank. I always hook it up and purge into my tank then turn off the hose and let it sifon out, well I guess a lizzard was inside an
d got purged into the tank, he floated around upside down over the gravel. I pulled Ihim out and tried pushing on his little chest to get water out, and lizzard CPR. Crap would've worked if it was a geico commercial. Poor guy
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Had a pair of silver dollars in a new tank that wasn't properly cycled over time.. One sadly wasn't able to make it, but the other barely did, because I put her into a more established tank and is still alive to this day. About 6 years old now. Still a little annoyed about the loss of the other SD, because I was kinda close to it.. but oh well.

Another sad loss was when my my one of co2's needle valve bubbles per second randomly messed up and it gas'd the crud out of my community fish while I was away.. Some of them gasping for air, a lot were laying on the substrate/plants dead. Sadly it has happened TWICE. Frustrating big losses. Some were able to make it, but I lost a lot.. So now you guys know why I'm mostly low tech now.

55 gallon Rainbowfish species/Harlequin rasboras community Dutch scape low-tech planted tank
60 gallon Bala shark low-tech planted tank
250 gallon Community Tiger Oscar/Red hook silver dollar/Silver dollars/BR Parrots/ PB Jack Dempsey/Clown loaches/Tinfoil barb/Roseline sharks/Barbs Monster fish tank
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Kamikaze the betta kept trying to jump out of his 10 gallon tank. I usually was there to scoop him up until school started.

Unfortunately, one afternoon, the cat was just a bit faster than me on the grab...
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Originally Posted by thechibi View Post
Kamikaze the betta kept trying to jump out of his 10 gallon tank. I usually was there to scoop him up until school started.

Unfortunately, one afternoon, the cat was just a bit faster than me on the grab...
Sorry for your loss, but amusing name choice!
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Lucky story,
I had just gotten my African Dwarf Frog and I noticed my fish were trying to nip his toes off!!! So when I tried to net him he jumped out of the net and went behind my hamster cage meanwhile my hamster was trying to break out of the cage biting and scratching at the bars. Then he jumped onto a giant stuffed animal with long hair and I was searching frantically for him and he was so lucky for me to eventually find him!

Unlucky story,
So, I bought this bag of exotic shrimp to put in my saltwater tank and I also bought a lunar wrasse as well. I first put the wrasse in and he started swimming around doing great. Then I put this really cool cleaner shrimp in and like 5 seconds later he is in the belly of the lunar wrasse! I thought that that was it of his aggressiveness but no way! He ate every single living thing in that tank. Did I mention that this lunar wrasse was roughly the size of a small flashlight!!!
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I purchased a large container of water conditioner and went home to do my weekly water change. Within minutes of my water change my fish started dropping like flies. I looked at the bottle of conditioner and saw that I had accidentally purchased the Balance Plus instead of water conditioner. They were next to each other on the shelf and the labels/bottles were the same color. Who knows what that stuff did to my ph, but I didnít even take the time to check. I did a massive water change and raced all over town to find a place that had water conditioner (pet shops closed at this time of night), near tears. Went home and found more dead fish, did another water change. I lost nearly the entire 35 gallon tank worth of fish because of this mistake, only one Gourami and one Oto survived. Not my only disaster, but probably the worst.

I totally relate to everyone who has said that they felt sick or were in tears dealing with these things. To many people they are "just fish", they just don't get it.
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I had a betta sorority at one point in high school, one of the girls got stuck in an aquarium decoration and the others nipped her to death...I found her when I got home and had a really hard time getting her out of the ornament. I also just had a Cory catfish swim to the surface to get a gulp of air and get wedged into a skinny hole in the newly added driftwood. I had to break of pieces to get to him. I got him out but he got septicemia and I had to freeze him. I also threw away a fish in the trash before. I used a net to get out plant trimmings and threw him out. I left for awhile and when I went back to feed them I realized one was missing, remembered about the trash, dug through the trash and found him. He was fine even though it had been awhile. Good times.
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I have had three:
I had gotten my 60 gallon planted perfectly cycled and set up. I added plants and got a few tetras and a few angelfish. Then I got two large african knives. I had them for several months until one day I couldn't find one of them. Letter that day I found him, dried up, on the floor.

I had my 25 gallon for a few years and wanted to do something new with it. So I got a 2 juvenile angelfish. Then I got 3 more. And one little baby one. 1 of the originals died. Then the baby. And all 3 of the others. Learned the hard way not to overstock your tank.

I also had a nice pair of angelfish. I had just bought them and was about to put them in after acclimating them. I tested my water parameters just to be safe and saw I ha a pH swing of 7.2 to 8.5! I tried to add some RO water from my sink to the tank but it was still high. I could not leave them in my bucket so I put them in the tank. The next day my awesome pair of angels was dead. I was on the edge of tears. They were beautiful and expensive :'(
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The worst!!!!
For my birthday I got a brand new 37 gallon tank. I cycled it and got african cichlids. One day I came home and the entire front of the glass bursted open and all the water was on my carpet which was up stairs and already soaking through the second floor and dripping onto the room below it. All the fish were dead except one was flopping on a piece of glass that ha some water on it. That was a year ago and he is big and healthy and alive today! the house took a long time to dry. Got everything again for free from petsmart cause the tank had lifetime warranty. Yeah that's not true.... Anyway that is the worst ever for me.
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I had 4 paradise fish and 4 salt/pepper cories in quarantine and over night the paradise fish ate 6 of the 8 eyes all the cories had

I returned the paradise fish and still have 3 of the 4 cories in my tank
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This isn't a fish story, but they did live in water. I decided to give my one turtle a bath, so I put him in and turned on the water. I wasn't smart enough to check the temperature of the water and I totally boiled my turtle! Even worse, it happened again!
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It is the worst when you find a dead dry fish.

80gal planted Angelfish community.
100gal SA cichlid, Silver dollar, and delhezi. No plants!
36 gal Planted Swordtail community.
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I'm 100% sure I win on this one...

I had terrible luck with getting my female tiger endlers to live. One after another would die, they were very weak from inbreeding. I finally got one that was thriving and giving birth. A few days after she dropped her first batch, I went to feed the tank and noticed the water level was a bit high. I decided to siphon out some water. All the fish thought it was feeding time, so they swam to the siphon hose.

I started the siphon and within 2 seconds, the female guppy was sucked into the tube. She turned red, her eyes started popping out and all of her fins were sucked off.

Winner winner gebratener fisch dinner.
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Dropsy got 7 of my danios

My GF's comet goldfish had like a tumor growing out of its head for months, but miraculously got better.
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