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Lots of people probably lost fish due to not proper cycling or over stocking and not proper filtration.
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My sister won a goldfish at the fair and put Keith (the fish) in a bowl. My sister panicked not having food so she googled diy fish food. She found that fish eat bananas so she dropped half a banana in the bowl. Keith was dead next morning. Wait! forgot to say, she won 8 Keith's.
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Originally Posted by plantbrain View Post
The deep fryer
+1 on that.

I habitually practice catch and release into Lake Crisco.
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I heard about an event way back that happened at a local country club. There was a pretty elaborate game set up for the kids. They filled a swimming pool with hundreds of goldfish and one betta, and kids could keep the fish they caught and if they caught the betta they would win some grand prize. And no, they didn't fill the whole pool with dechlorinator. Needless to say, that coupled with a bunch of crazy fish snatching little kids resulted in judgement day for those goldfish.
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I've lost multiple herring down the drain when siphoning, My grandfather lost his prize koi from a 5 gallon bucket to a crane on the way to a koi show
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My worst was being a tad too tipsy while doing a water change...I filled the tank back up after draining (125g) and had some left over in the bucket. I decided it wouldn't hurt anything, and poured it in. Passed out on the couch and woke up about 2 hours later to a tank full of death. Filled the water up to the glass tops, and with a few canister filters, they suffocated. 8 Discus, 12 clown loaches (4") at least 7 different species of fancy pleco, 30+ Diamond Tetras, and plenty more...hell even my crayfish made a leap of faith to no avail! Lesson learned the hard way...Lost over $1200 in fish, and I worked at an LFS at the time, so that was with my discounts

125g semi planted. 2 silver angels, 14 silver tips, 16 white fin ornatus tetras, pair of Nicaraguense, pair of nototus severums, trio of firemouth cichlids. 2 FX5s, 1 1500gph circ pump, 2 48" LED lighs, and a HUGE piece of driftwood.

650g fish room. 15 30g tanks, 150g sump.
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I once found one of my favorite fish dead after it choked to death on an earthworm twice as long as he was. It was a mudminnow, and quite the personality, so I guess it was a fitting way for it to go.

The most sick I've ever been over a mistake was with my loach tank. I had a bunch of loaches, and about a third had wasting disease because they had been wild caught, so I wanted to worm the tank, but most worming medcines aren't super effective against WD. So I did some research and I bought this wormer that was supposed to work well, but it was sold as pig wormer, and thus very difficult to measure (it was supposed to be mixed with the food). I decided to try it first on a loach that was pretty far gone to make sure it was safe. After about 20min it was fine, and I had to leave to go somewhere so I gave it to the rest of the tank (botia - striata, dario, historanica, kubotai, and sidthumunki, rasboras, gourami, etc.) When I got back everyone was dying. And it was a horrible, long drawn out process. I literally could do nothing as all these rare loaches I had tracked down slowly died. I was just sick, and wished so much I had waited longer before giving it to them. Never do anything other than really basic care when you are in a hurry. I think only 4 fish out of about 50 lived.
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Bought a pleco when I started fishkeeping and I put it in the same 6 gallon with 50 other neon tetras. They ate him overnight and I found his body inside the pirate ship decor.
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When I was 15 a friend and I set up a 55 gallon tank with pacus in it and they ate everything except a pleco. Being an idiot and all, I decided to dispose of the fish by throwing them into the lake that was part of our yard, assuming shock would kill them. Until the summer when a friend was fishing and showed me a picture on his phone of my damn pacu on his line. Saw the pleco and thought it was a black catfish. Nope... just a huge plecostomus. Told a DNR ranger about it later in life, he was like "Yeah thats illegal"

So thats the worst thing I think you can do to fish.
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I was in like 4th grade and i lost 3 bettas in like 3 months.
My first fish wouldn't eat any fish food i fed it and died of what must have been starvation.
The second never left the bottom of the bowl and appeared to not be able to swim so i think he too died from starvation because he couldn't come to the surface to eat.
The third one lived the longest, but I killed it by accidentally hitting it with the net too many times while trying to catch it to clean its bowl (that was a traumatic moment for my 4th grade self).
I also know now that fishbowls are awful and that it is possible that they died from the lack of cycling.
I gave up on bettas for a while after that, although now, years later, I have successfully kept one for 4 months so far and he is doing great
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A sick fish.
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My worst was probably guppy that jumped the night i got it... it got dried and crusted to the table the tank was sitting on... I had to scrape it off... D:

I also had a nice big ramshorn snail commit suicide by getting sucked into the tiny little emergency drain prevention hole on my canister filter intake line...
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My cat ate my rainbow shark that jumped from my tank with roughly a one inch square hole in the lid. Found the rainbow a couple days later in the corner, guess my cat didn't like the taste.

If in doubt, add more plants!

My not-enough-plants-but-not-enough-space-to-put-anymore-so-will-start-going-up-box-of-water.
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Strangest thing that's happened to me was one of my dogs eating a mystery snail one morning, then the other the next day, guess they decided to go for a midnight stroll but couldn't make it back to he tank In time to escape the dogs jaws, needless to say that didn't make me happy

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Originally Posted by mr.bigglesworth View Post
My aunt visited China years ago I had just started my first 10g tank with guppies and didn't know how to maintain an aquarium. She heard about this from my mom and decided to bring me a Chinese keychain goldfish for Christmas. It died in 2 weeks. Then sat on my desk for another month with a rotting corpse inside.

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Oh my god, those things are terrible! I looked them up online and saw ones with baby turtles in them and a firebelly newt! How can they possibly think those are a good idea? The critters can only survive in there for a couple weeks at most, no food, no way to get fresh air, no way to clean the water! What a horrible way to die ;-;

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