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75 tank...how many angels and what else?

I am trying to decide on stock for my new planted low tech 75 and would like to add angelfish. Can someone suggest how many I would be able to keep in a 75 and what other fish, and how many, would be a good choice with the angel fish. I would like to know your personal experiences and what has worked or is working for you. Thanks!
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I had two adults pairs in my 72, they fought a lot, but it was not as bad as it could have been. Better cover should allow more pairs to take refuge.
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What other fish did you keep successfully with them?
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Anyone with angels out there.....what species do you have with them?
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Mostly just clean up crews with my angels these days.
Cory (several types), Loach; clowns, kuhli or gold dojo, Ansistrus (bristle nose), Otto.
In the past I've kept both male and female betta and the larger tetra species.
Peaceful fish of you're choice that won't fit in the angel's mouth should be fine.

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In my 46 I've got angels with swords, lemon tetras, neon tetras, cories, L144 pleco, gold rams, and a couple guppies that had to get kicked out of their former tank to make room for something else. I've got them in my 60 as well, and those have platies, swords, diamond tetras, empire gudgeons, and cories for tank mates. If I ever run into issues, it's between the angels, not between them and their tank mates.
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Thanks...looks like many choices...
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My angel fish is kept with

Zebra danio
African dwarf frog
Cory cats

But ive read at full size theyll eat danios?
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Adult Angels can eat fish the size of large Neon Tetras, so this would include most of the small community fish like Guppies, Danios and many Tetras. Some are not so predatory, but think also of the small fish, constantly living with the worry of a large fish that could eat them!

Angles are soft water fish and thrive in very warm water, so select tank mates that prefer these conditions, too.

Congo Tetras, Brochis splendens, Anostomus, Yoyo and Clown Loaches are often mentioned, but these are high water flow fish. Quite a few Loricariads, but look into Farlowella, and Sturisoma for some 'different' sorts.
Neon Dwarf Rainbows, but caution: The males get really pushy toward the females, and can harass them to death. Get at least 3F:1M.
Other Rainbows can work, too. Many come from waters that change a lot seasonally, so can handle a wide range of conditions. Boesemani, Parkinsoni and others will work with Angels.
Moonlight or Pearl Gouramis are also possibilities. Beware: most Gouramis are aggressive and territorial, though Pearls are often a bit more peaceful. Most of the time their aggression is directed toward other Anabantoids.

I have usually had problems with more than one mated pair of Angels in any tank 4' long or shorter.
By the time the tank reaches 6' the Angels quit trying to claim it all, so 2 pair can work, with lots of plants and driftwood to mark territories. Almost split the tank in half with the plants.
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I ended up with only one mated pair in my 75g. They just seemed to go at the other mated pair too often. I kept a Synodontis catfish (that I love), black Neons, GBR's, Oto's, and Serpae tetras.

That tank really tied the room together
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as long as u put small angels with smaller fish, as the angels get older, they wont bother them.

i got 8 angels, 20+ black tetras , n 2 rams in my 72, everyone happy
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Growing small Angels with any other small fish will not remove what is an instinctual response from the Angel toward a smaller fish when it gets full grown. The likelihood can be reduced maybe, but nature doesn't really work like that. I used to sort of go by that myself until I saw two separate Angels suck in a Cardinal Tetra. They usually don't pursue these fish I think, but if one happens to swim in its face the Angel finds it very hard to resist.

If you keep these smaller fish in larger groups I think it helps. In my 125g with 4 Angels I have about 100 Cardinals, Cherry Barbs, Rummy-nose Tetras, Bloodfin Tetras, Otos, Cories.

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I have a shoal of 7 angels in my 75g with some red phantom tetras, cory's and oto's. Everyone gets along fine. Angels aggression seems to go down with larger groups but a 75g limits that number. My tank has the happy number at 7. I also keep the numbers low with the others in the tank. Also with this many I needed to run more filtration so the tank runs 2 emperor 400's. Plant density also plays into how many you can keep as they need room to swim.

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