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Stock ideas- 29g- very low light, no plants?

Hi all,

I am graduating from college very soon, and I've sold all but my 29g tank/stand.

Due to budget constraints, and a desire for an extremely low-maintenance but still stunning tank, this might be a very sparsely-planted or non-planted tank.

Just wondering if anyone had ideas for stocks? At the moment I have a black substrate/black background idea in mind, with female kribensis and a school of tetras. And a single gourami to fill the top level. Hardscape can be driftwood.

Or perhaps sand and shell-dwellers, with boulders for substrate?

I'm looking for inspiration for non-planted tanks! Thank you everyone
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a bunch of crazy driftwood consuming all levels of the tank, with moss covering them.
then add a hundred cherries! and a couple of otos
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Originally Posted by thebuddha View Post
a bunch of crazy driftwood consuming all levels of the tank, with moss covering them.
then add a hundred cherries! and a couple of otos

Oh lordy that would be AMAZING! I did something similar with a few shrimp and a buttload of longfin white clouds.

I love fish more than I like keeping inverts. Maybe I can make it a shrimp colony and splurge on one centerpiece fish... or a small school of shrimp-friendly fish? My water is extremely hard, extremely alkaline, and worry that most popular nano fish wont do so well.
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I'm actually about to set up a 29 gallon with the same intent. Interested to see the suggestions on this one.

I was thinking maybe a school (10-20) of White Clouds or Zebra Danio and then 6 or so cories to fill the bottom. Then just fill the tank with driftwood and have play sand as my substrate.

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29G - Non Planted Native Tank [ Creek Chub, Yellowfin Shiners, MTS / Water Wisteria ]
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drift wood with some anubias(it's a bit expensive though) and java fern these two could grow in a closet (obvious exaggeration but they do thrive on very low light) and you could even give java moss a shot it's not quite as low light tolerant but might work. With oto's and cherry's. I quite like pygmy cory's also very cute little things and suitable for a tank this size..
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29 gal tanks are nice for a pair of angels. all you need to do is change the bulb to a daylight 6500k bulb in the light fixture that comes with the tank and you can grow all kinds of plants. crypts, anubias, mosses, dwarf sag, java ferns just to name a few of what will grow well in a 29. as for fish i had an angle baby, guppies, and bristlenose in the tank. at one time i had 5 adults and 10 baby bn in there. you could do a pair of rams or apisto's.
here is a pic of my 29

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Hi all, thanks for the ideas.

Low Tech Tank Show-and-Tell (low tech can be lush, too! =)
Here is a post I made months back, showing this 29g and a 20g high. @Clemsons2k, the 20g high may be of interest. Those were long-fin white clouds I purchased from MsJinkz (I spelled her name wrong but she's a popular power seller), kept with some RCS. It was a lovely coldwater tank and the white clouds never touched the shrimp.

@wicca27, I did upgrade the bulb in the hood/light that came with this tank and I grew beautiful crypts and dwarf sag with it. You can't see the crypts well in the post I linked above, but they did wonderfully. My jungle vals, however, never really grew... That project really proved to me that with the lowest of low tech, crypts and anubias do well! My java ferns always look dreadful however (maybe it's my super hard super alkaline water?). And anubias were pricey!

Since this 29g will be the focal point of my new TINY (and dark) studio apartment, I'm leaning towards the idea of using nano fish and shrimp. It will make this tank look larger, but also make it look peaceful and be very low maintenance...cichlids are my favorite fish to keep (I'm addicted to kribs), but they excite me and distract me with the possibility of breeding and raising fry I think what I'll need as a real adult, entering the real work force for the real first time, is peace rather than potential breeding projects. And I don't have space for breeding projects anymore

Shrimp of any kind are in high demand where I am; there are very few breeders selling their stock. I made grocery money off my 5g RCS colony last year, maybe starting a larger shrimp colony will be a good investment?

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