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Shrimp-Friendly Fish for a 10 Gallon Tank

Hi guys, I have a 10 gallon planted/dirted tank, with a gravel substrate, that I plan on adding cherry shrimp to, and I'm just curious on what species of fish would be ok to keep with them. Specifically, I'm hoping to find fish (nano would be great) that would either ignore shrimplets entirely or could be kept with them and the shrimp population would still be able to grow in numbers.

Tank parameters are 0 for ammonia and nitrite last time I checked (and nitrates were close to that), temperature is typically about 76.9 degrees, and I GH and KH are roughly 70 and 20 ppm (I know I need to increase them for shrimp and snails). PH is about 7.4 - 7.6 (Looking for a way to lower it a bit without chemicals). No TDS meter as of this moment. I do ~20% water changes once a week.

Current tankmates include 3 otos (who have happily learned to devour zucchini slices and leave perfect donut rings by morning), 2 assassin snails to control my tadpole snails (I am looking towards getting ramshorns and malaysian trumpet snails to diversify this and aerate the substrate), and a newly added mystery snail. I will be moving a molly into the tank temporarily in order to take care of some hydras that have started to appear, after which it will likely be moved back to its original tank.

So what do you guys suggest?

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Most non-aggressive nano fish should be fine with the adult shrimp. I keep guppies and danios in with my cherries.

However, any fish, except for pure vegetarians like your otos, will find baby shrimp a tasty snack. You'll need to provide lots of hiding places, like driftwood they can get under but fish can't, for the shrimp to survive to adulthood.
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I have male endlers livebearers with my cherry shrimp and if anything the cherry shrimp are the boss HOWEVER the much bigger adult female endlers are baby shrimp eaters and I put them outside in the pond .
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Chili rasboras, CPD's (celestial Pearl Danio's), basically stuff that has a mouth that wont be able to fit a shrimp in, they might get some of the newborn shrimp but if theres enough cover they'll be ok

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sorry if this is off topic but would cherry barbs be ok?

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I'm not sure if a cherry barb would be ok with shrimp, though I believe they might be too much for young ones. They might be an ok addition only after the shrimp have increased in number and breedings, as opposed to most tetras who are supposedly too efficient at hunting down shrimplets.

Would pygmy corydoras be ok? I've heard mixed things, some saying they are perfectly fine with shrimp, others saying they are better than other fish at hunting shrimplets due to their small size and such. I might be leaning towards the latter, given their likely diet in the wild, but can anyone confirm this?
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I have not seen any of my pygmies hunt down shrimplets. In fact when I feed the shrimp the cories eat the same food right along side the shrimp no matter how big or small. I have even seen them fight for the same piece. I usually feed Jake's veggie sticks and crab cuisine from hikari
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Another vote for chili rasoba's here. Mine ignore even the smallest shrimplets but then they grew up as juveniles with the shrimp also.
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Definitely might go with the chili rasboras now. Also, instead of putting a molly in the tank (temporarily) to go after the hydra, I've instead placed two male guppies. Already I see them pecking at the glass and such, so hopefully that's a good sign. Will they be relatively safe to keep with cherry shrimp, as I'm pondering whether to take them out or not when I get them.

P.S. My LFS has Endler's Livebearers, which I know to be relatives of guppies. Would some males be ok to keep with shrimp, as at the store I see them kept in the same tank as crystal reds and flame shrimp.
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Even in my lightly plated tank, my endlers didn't eat baby shrimp. Both male and female
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Well I'll avoid mixing sexes... Lets just say that this 10 gallon was once set up a long time ago (with fake plants and such) and, with only a few inches of water (I was taking it down), my little brother comes home with a bag containing 3 baby guppies. Nowhere else to safely put them, I placed them in the tank. They lasted overnight (which was enough time to get water ready) and they eventually matured... and soon took over the tank in months...

In other words I understand how quickly livebearers can take over a tank when breeding.
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I think any fish that can get its mouth around a shrimp has the ability to eat it. Its just a matter if its hungry or not.
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Originally Posted by puopg View Post
I think any fish that can get its mouth around a shrimp has the ability to eat it. Its just a matter if its hungry or not.
Also depends on the fish's personality in my experience. (Some of my bettas and dwarf puffers will ignore them.)

Even if the shrimp can't fit in its mouth, some fish will still peck at them which may also kill them.

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Just an update on my tank, which has become somewhat of a jungle as of late given all the growth in my plants (not that the fish and shrimp mind or anything)

Since the last time I've posted on this thread, I've gotten 3 ember tetras (planning to get some more) and some cherry shrimp. Everything seems to be going fine. This makes the current tank occupants:

1 guppy (male)
3 otos
3 ember tetras
1 mystery snail
2 assassin snails (to control tadpole snails and mts)
1 horned nerite snail
6 cherry shrimp (... for now)

I still perform a roughly 20% water change once a week. After I get about 3 more ember tetras (to get some schooling behavior and because they look nice), would it be possible for me to add pygmy corydoras (the bottom dwelling variant, not the midwater one), and if so how many? I ask because I've always like cory cats and I know my lfs has some, somewhat ironically, in a nano tank with shrimp.
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