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More cory eggs!!!! Fry pics!!!4-17


Well my Albino corys have been constantly spawning for the last few months!! Usually most of the eggs are eaten or busted from others trying to eat them, BUT today I came home from taking my Fishing Partner to the V.A. for some testing, and BAM!!! 120+ BEAUTIFUL GOLDEN EGGS all over the front glass of my 55g!!!! One or two other patches had already been eaten, but the rest were ok! Wanting to try hatching as many as I can I quickly got a small Critter Keeper (actually it is a Cricket Keeper with the plastic tubes going threw the lid), plugged the holes for the tubes with filter floss, ran the air stone from the 55g (usually used for nite time aeration) into the Critter Keeper with the fine bubble stone on the end, then used a new and washed razor blade to scrape off the eggs and placed them into the Keeper. I don't have any rocks in the 55g I could put on top of the Keeper to hold it down, so I used 4 Bamboo skewers and some zip ties to make "hold downs" to hole the keeper to the substrate. I fired up the air pump, and now I have a DIY egg protector/hatcher thingy!!!

There are 121 eggs in the Keeper, and they all are Golden/Clear with a tiny white spot on one side! So so far it looks like they are good!!!

So now I will be watching for the next few days to see if any fungus up or turn white, and I think I will be able to remove them with my 12" planting tweezers. I don't have any micro worms now, but I will check with the LFS to see if they know where I can find some locally, if I can't find them locally I will have to order some, but I already have some Starter Fry Food, as well as some frozen baby brine shrimp!

It is funny, because after leaving the VA (about 30 miles from my house) I stopped at the Fish Bowl in Temple, and they had a nice breeder box with the air attachment to keep water flowing trough the box, and I ALMOST bought it, but I really didn't have the $25! So wouldn't ya know I walk in to find all of these eggs!!!

But after reading a lot of threads here about rearing cory eggs I think I will go and pick up a net breeder, and go that route next time! I can get one locally, but I knew IF I went to pick one up I would come back to a bunch of eaten eggs! Just last week when I got to watch her spawning I watched the other 5 corys eat the eggs as fast as they could, but I also saw the Rummy Noses and Golden Pencil fish eat the eggs that didn't get stuck to the glass! I figured the Rummy Noses would eat some, BUT the Pencil fish surprised me eating as many as they could get too before the rest of the corys did!!!

I am going to setup a fry tank just for the Mom and Papa Albino Cory, so that I can HOPEFULLY start breeding them for real and producing as many babys as possible! The LFS said they will take all I can get them!!! So I got a place to sell them to!

This Momma is over 6 years old, and is the biggest Albino Cory I have ever had or seen!!! I really don't understand how she can produce this many eggs all of the time, and still stay healthy!

I will break out the camera in a bit, and get some pics of my master piece egg hatcher, and try to get some good pics of Momma and Papa for yall too!

Cross Yalls Fingers for all of these eggs!!!

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I had a miracle with my cories once. Two of my cories laid eggs on the side of the aquarium glass near the powerhead. I thought that they wouldn't hatch because the tank has parasites in it. I saw that all of the eggs where gone after a few days which saddened me but I couldn't raise the eggs. About 3 weeks passed by and I went to feed my fish until I noticed that their was a BABY cory coming out of one of the decorations. I was so happy and so I took it out and put it in a better tank.
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Congrats! Cories are such amazing fish.

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Yay!!! My cories laid eggs once...then my goldfish ate
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Here are the Pics!!!

The DIY Egg hatchery!

Left side close up.

right side close up.

Big Momma and Baby (not so much anymore!) born and raised in the 55g

Big Momma, Baby and Son's Betta for size comparison!

Betta thinking: "UMmmm Lunch!"

2-11-13 Big Momma is at far right in the Bacopa, and Papa is nearest to glass on the far Left

Well so far most of the eggs I just looked at, with my 275 Lumen Flashlight, have a for sure "white spot"! So I believe most are fertilized!!! YEEEEE HAW!! It is 22:43 Central time, and I put the eggs in the Hatchery at 14:00, and the "white spots" are much more pronounced!!!

I will update with pics tomorrow night to record their progress!

Thanks for looking!

P.S. Ignore the green dust algae on the tank glass, PLEASE!!! I am in serious need of a water change! I had to order new prefilter cartridges for my RO unit, so it has been about a month since my last water change! BUT Thank Heaven the green dust algae is the only algae, besides the damn Clado, that has become more of a problem without changing the water!!! The RO unit is up and running now, so I made up water to change today, but with the eggs I am SCARED to change it! I don't want to shock the eggs!

Do Yall think it would hurt the eggs to do a 20g water change?

Thanks Again,

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Congrats! I am hoping to start breeding my panda cories sometime in the future. keep us updated!
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Well the eggs are looking GREAT!!!

Some of them don't have the white growing spot on/in them, so I don't know if those are fertile or not. But a bunch of them do! NONE of them are turning solid white or growing any kind of fungus yet, so hopefully most will hatch out!!!

Here are some pics. In the pics the eggs look white, but with the green dust algae growing on the glass in front of the Egg Keeper I couldn't get any clearer pics! My glass cleaner won't fit between the Keeper and the glass, so I guess these pics will have to do since I don't want to disturb the eggs!

I will get more pics tonight, and maybe I can get better closeups by playing with the camera settings!

Well that is it for now, and thanks for looking!!!
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I got a question for yall!

I REALLY NEED to do a water change in the 55g! It has been over a month since my last one. So I am wondering if I should do one now before the eggs hatch, if they are, or to wait till after they hatch?

I just don't want to hurt the eggs or babys!

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Lol, looks like your cories love poking at bacopa, too.

Have you checked your water params? Honestly, unless you have high nitrates, if everything else is good, I'd just let it go until after the hatching.
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Yep water params are ok, so I am going to wait a few more days!

Well I have been fighting a sinus infection along with pneumonia for the last week or so, so with all of the meds I have been sleeping much more than I usually do. When I woke up this Friday afternoon at 12:15 I noticed the Betta and a few of my Rummy Nose tetras lurking around the egg keeper, so I got up and checked, and my worst worries about the keeper came to light!!! While it worked in keeping the tank mates out and letting the fry hatch, it DID NOT hold the fry in after hatching!!!!

Yep you know what I am fixing to wright! The fry hatched Friday morning and after a bit they got to swimming all over the place, and they were able to fit through the slats in the Critter Keeper top!!!!! I was very sad at this point!!! Right when I pulled the foot stool to the front of the tank to check out what was going on I saw a tiny milky white fry shoot up from the bottom of the keeper, go right threw the slats, and head for the sand ASAP!!! While I was able to draw away the other fish with some floating food I could do nothing for the LARGE NUMBER OF FRY who had already escaped!!!

There were still 15 or so fry in the keeper and a few eggs still hatching, so I quickly brought the keeper from the bottom up to the top and rigged it to stay floating where the fry couldn't escape, but their water would stay warm!

So after moving the 4 Kribs into the 55g from their 20g quarantine tank where they have been for almost 4 weeks, I moved the keeper with about 17 fry into the 20g! I put a foam guard over the intake of the 205 running on the 20g and throttled the flow down! I then sank the keeper with the fry to the bottom of the 20g so they could somewhat acclimate to the water, and let them do their thing! The water in the 20g is pretty much identical to the 55g, since I put some substrate from the 55g into the 20g when I set it up a while back, and I also have been adding water from the 55g into the 20g to keep their water similar so the move to the 55g for the Kribs would be no big deal!

So I will watch for the remaining fry in the 20g. I am unsure how many fry made it out of the keeper to the sand, then to a hiding space in the 55g, or how many became snacks for the fish??? I saw a few under the bottom of 1 of the driftwood pieces after the lights went off and I searched with my BRIGHT flash light! Maybe they can make it hiding there since the space is too small for any of the adult fish to fit!

As for the 17 in the 20g I will add some fry starter food, as well as some baby brine shrimp to help them along. There is a bunch of subwassertang, moss, a few crypts and some big pieces of rock in there, so hopefully they will be able to find some living food as well!

I only had 33 eggs that turned white, and 3 eggs that stayed golden but didn't hatch!!!!So out of 121eggs 36 didn't hatch! I doubt many made it to the sand and to a hiding spot before becoming Brunch though!!! So when I get everything setup to really start hatching the fry, I should have plenty to go around!!!

Sorry I couldn't/didn't take any pics, because I was too busy trying to save as many fry as I could!!! IF I am able to get any to grow in the 20g I will post pics then!!!

THANKYOU ALL for following along and for the help too!!!
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Re: More cory eggs!!!! more pics added!

Subbed. More pics when you get a chance please. Hope you get over your cold too.
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I will try to get pics for you! Today I have been asleep in my recliner most of the day, but I did do some searching in the 55 and 20g tanks for Cory Fry, and I did see a few in the 20g I didn't find any in the 55g! I probably won't till I move stuff around either!

I tried to get a pic of the ones in the 20g, but they are still soo small you couldn't tell them from the gravel in the pics!!

I will keep trying though!

Thanks for all the support!
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I've been playing with cory fry for about 2 months now, including 6 spawnings, 1 about every 10 days. Here's a couple things I've learned so far.
1. If you want them to live, you have to move the eggs. If the adults don't eat them, the other fish will, or even the snails. I scrape them off with a razor blade. Most of them stick to the blade for easy transfer. A couple pop, a couple fall away. More than you need transfer just fine.
2. The fry are very small. I'm not surprised they swam out of your container (wish I had seen your post sooner to warn you). My first idea was to move the eggs into a floating container with plastic window screen panels on the sides for flow. When the eggs hatched, the larvae swam right through the mesh (1/16"?) and out into the community tank (=lunch). Now I am starting them in an empty HOB box hung on the inside (for temp) until they are feeding, then dumping them into their own 10-gal tank, 1 for each spawning.
3. They need heat, so you'll need a heater (duh) but do not arrange it in such a way that they can sit on it, under it, or between it and the glass. Because they will. And the fry will fry. I watched it happen over just a few minutes, and by the time I realized what they were doing, it was too late. Awful.
4. I think live food is a must to get the adults in breeding condition and get the fry to live and thrive. I have found one single food that meets all my cory feeding needs, from fry to adults...Grindal worms. Swish them around in a jar and the adults settle out first, making them very simple to sort into multiple size classes for my variously aged groups. Couldn't do it without these worms.

Hope this helps.
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Well it has been a few days, and I 4 sure have Albino Cory Cat fry in the 20g!!!


I also hay Krib Fry in the 20g too!!!

I really can't tell for sure how many fry I have in total, but I have seen at least 10 Albino Cory fry at one time, as well as 8 Krib Fry!!!

I have taken MANY PICS, but only a few have come out! I am going to try the better Sony Camera tomorrow and play around with the settings to see IF I can do any better!

Anyway these pics are OK. The Krib Fry are mostly fuzzy, as they are always on the move! The Cory Fry was sitting still, but the only camera with charged batteries was the more basic of the 2 good digi cameras I have!

You can see the pink/orange fry food in the bellies of the Krib fry!!!

Anyway on to the pics!!!

Albino Cory fry on bottom by front glass!


1 Krib Fry by Silicone on bottom.

2 Krib fry at Bottom left of pic.

2 Krib fry above Snail.

2 Krib fry in center of pic.

Well those are the best I could do with that camera! So I will update in a few days with HOPEFULLY some better pics!

Thanks for looking!
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Well first off SORRY it has been soo long since I posted back here! I continued to fight sinus infection then I had to go and watch the farm for a little over a week because my Parents are adding on to the house and they had to be out of town! So I had to be there to do the normal feeding and Coyote Patrol, but also to watch the new flooring, painting, and Direct Tv people!

Well I have taken a few different sets of pics this last week and here are the best ones of them!

1st pic:
4/27/13 Cory fry on right and Krib fry on left

Krib in Crypt

Check out the Krib's eyes!

Krib has a pink belly from crushed Tetra flake food!!!

Krib and Corys together

Cory by Lace Rock

Cute Cory Whiskers!!!

Kribs in Subwassertang


The next group of pics are from today 5-2-13!

Cory and Krib together! Man have they GROWN!!!!!

More with both together

Krib head down looking for FOOD!!!

Kribs together in corner of tank

Kribs picking in Snail shell

close up of Kribs #1


HUGE Krib belly's

Krib Group

Cory picking over lace rock!

Last pic for today is a Cory close up!!!

Well that is all the pics for today! I will continue to take pics every 2 or 3 days and will try my best to get them loaded here asap!

Thanks for looking and for all of the help!!!
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