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75 gallon stocking suggestions

I recently purchased a 75 gallon tank that is currently in the middle of a fish-less cycle. While waiting for the cycle to be complete, I was hoping to figure out what types of fish I can keep with about 6 angels.

I'm new to a tank this large, and I'm not sure how many fish the tank can handle, although I have had some experience with angels. I was thinking of a school of 6 or so penguin tetras and maybe a pair of bolivian rams in addition to the 6 angels.

Any suggestions would help, thanks!

TL;DR Looking for fish to go along with about 6 angels in a 75 gallon setup
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What about a school of Cory catfish? I'm setting up my (much smaller!) tank too, and cories, Bolivans and a school of tetras are what I'm hoping to stock. In a 75 you could have a nice sized school that would help keep the bottom of your tank clean.

I've found AqAdvisor.com really helpful with getting a general idea of how many fish I can stock in a tank. Personally, I'd skip the Bolivians and get a school of cories instead.
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Thanks so much for the advice! I'm finding AqAdvisor quite helpful
Good luck with your tank!
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Here's what I'm doing with the one I'm building now:

Raphael Catfish
Red Tailed Shark
9 Blue Tetras
Koi Anglefish
6 Dwarf Chain Loaches
2 Bristlenose Plecos
6 Roseline Sharks
3 Pearl Gouramis
6-10 Swordtails/Mollies/Danios/Rasbories/etc

Part of this is dictated by some fish being donated to me, and others coming over from a smaller tank, but I'm looking forward to it. The loaches are expensive, and I've never seen them in person, but if you read up about them maybe you'll get excited about them as I am. Can be in a planted tank, play together, eat snails, look cool, and never get too big.

75g Journal: http://www.plantedtank.net/forums/sh...d.php?t=224354
29g Journal: http://www.plantedtank.net/forums/sh...d.php?t=577481
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Re: 75 gallon stocking suggestions

The fish that you listed would work well with the angels. I would actually do a larger group of tetras. As suggested something like cories would add interest to the bottom of the tank.

I am going to be setting up a similar tank a 72 gallon. Some of the other tetras that I am considering are and trying to narrow down are Cardinal Tetra, Bleeding Heart Tetra, Brilliant Rummy Nose Tetra, False Penguin Tetra and possibly Rosy Tetra. With that size tank you should be able to do a nice size group or two of Tetras with your angels.

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+1 on Aqadvisor, a 75g freshwater with proper filtration capacity should be able to handle a considerable amount of fish. A school of 100 or so smaller size tetra or rasbora is possible, not with larger fish of course. Larger fish, larger bio load.
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aqadvisor is a fun toy but its just that a toy. a lot of the time i see it say a tank is full that imo isnt.

loaches or corys would be good for the bottom, maybe a smaller pleco or two.

as for schooling fish smaller fish can become angel food. the cardinals could be eaten but if the angels are still young it might work. its better to get fish that are a lil bigger. some harlequin rasboars would be a good choice. also make sure the fish you are adding are not to nippy. i have heard that penguin tetras can be nippy but i have never kept them so i cant say for sure.

some siamese algae eaters would be a nice choice. i like mine they are very peaceful and always eating algae.

i believe the bolivian rams like small schools so you might have to get a few more. i think a german ram or two would be a better choice.

8g Fluval 1M CT Betta
125g 5 Blood parrots, 1 Green Severum, 8 Dension Barbs, 10 Yoyo Loaches, 1 RTS
75g Angelfish, 3 EBGR, 4 Siames Alage Eaters, 12 Harlequin Rasboars, 1 BN Pleco, 1 Swordtail
33g long cherry shrimp, 8 pygmy corys, 5 ottos
15g 2 GBR
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Nice big arowana? Joke.

Seriously, if you click the link in my sig for the fish list you could have all that and some as I only have a 56g. so in summary as tonne of fish.

See more of my tank: Here
What have I got in my tank? Fish list
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