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New Betta

Hello I just got a new Betta this past Friday. He is a doubletail butterfly cambodian. He is looking kind of sad/ill. I realize that he may simply be adjusting to the new environment, but this seems pretty extreme in my opinion.

Some stats:
5gallon planted tank
0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 0 nitrate, 7.6 pH
Dosing CO2, flourish comprehensive 1x weekly, iron 2x weekly, equilibrium every few water changes (washington has very soft water)
There is a filter
Tank is heated, usually sits between 75-77
Other inhabitants include 2 african dwarf frogs and a tiger nerite snail, he does not bother them
There is java moss, a windelov, 2 anubias, and some wisteria. Eco-complete substrate

I feed him hikari betta pellets, and occasional bloodworms. He does not come to the top for food, but will eat the pellets if he happens to be at the top when I feed him. He will eat bloodworms off of tweezers.

He has been this way since I got him. When I was acclimating him he was so lively and curious inside the bag and now he is just depressed. His overall appearance looks fine - no clamped fins, no weird residues, scales are all flat.

Should I be worried?

Edit: I would like to add that this Monday I am going home (I live in dorms) and will be retrieving my dad's old fish bowl - about 1.5g. I plan on making it a little planted bowl that is nice to look at but if needed I can transfer my betta to this bowl even though it obviously isnt as great as a 5g. I have a spare heater for the 5g, which is currently being heated by a betta bowl heater. I've got my eye on a small filter as well.

Edit2: I now see he has clamped fins. He's laying on wisteria now after being chased by a frog. I may go grab my bowl today and just try to be home before 4pm since I have work at 7... I derno. Maybe I'll go buy a bigger bowl at the LFS.

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First off I think your tank is too small for 2 frogs and a betta. I would advise moving the frogs to a new tank.
Your betta may be more lively if you raise the temp to 78-80 f.
Does your tank have co2, or do you dose flourish excel (this is not co2, but an alternate carbon source)?
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Excel. Reading the back of the bottle I now see that it indeed isn't CO2.

I went to my LFS and he recommended the temp be raised too. I'm switching out the current heater with my new one anyways because I plan on snatching my dad's old fishbowl to turn into a planted bowl without any inhabitants necessarily. In the time it took for me to go to the LFS and back the water went up to 78 degrees and it appears he has moved a bit and is no longer resting on his side, and his fins have started to unclamp.

I have heard many conflicting opinions and information about the stocking of frogs with bettas in a 5g tank so I will observe them for a few more days before casting any judgments. Many experienced people that I've asked don't seem very concerned, but then others who have commented on my threads go nuts (not saying you are going nuts). When he was chased earlier, he was resting in the area I normally feed the frogs. Other than that the frogs have never so much as looked at him.

After I prepare my bowl, if Pascal is still looking rough I will be transferring him. This bowl will also be heated by the old heater I'm switching out (a betta bowl heater - surprised it was doing as well as it was in a 5g; it used to stay a stable 78 until cold weather hit). I'm eyeing a small filter as well:

Thank you for your response.

Edit: Okay NOW he is moving a little more (yay!) but he seems to be back to his previous love affair with the filter intake - which continues on even when unplugged. What's up with that? I'm on my way out to buy pantyhose for the filter so I don't have to worry about his fins. There is a little lid over the filter output, that came with the filter, to disperse the flow I assume, which sounds a lot similar to some baffle solutions used for reducing currents for bettas on non-adjustable filters. For whatever reason he really likes being nestled in the cracks of that intake.

For reference, this is my aquarium: I have the filter in the middle like one of the pictures shows. The intake is just a small 1-2 vertical slats that are hardly even 1/4 inch wide.

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i wouldnt get that filter. never heard of it, but it doesnt look too impressive, and its in-tank.
id reccomend this one:
got 3 on my betta barracks.
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Oh wow, that's way better. I usually go through amazon all the time because my family has prime. I was off-put by the other one because of its in-tank nature, being that it would be used in a small fishbowl... I really appreciate this suggestion!
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i would recommend not using their media though. it kinda sucks. buy some biomedia, and put that in the compartment and then put some filter floss ontop.
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Be sure to cover the bowl if you put him in that, or he'll jump out.
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