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Beginner trying to stock a 10g

In all my fish keeping years I've only kept bettas, in a 2.5 planted tank all to themselves, but from what I hear, they are about the easiest fish to keep.

In regards to plants, the only ones that managed to survive in my aquarium were the java moss and the java fern, which have about the same reputation as a betta.

Lately I've been feeling the need to have more fish, bettas are nice, and I love them. But I'd really like more variety, so I'm seriously thinking of upgrading to a 10g, which is the largest tank that would fit on my desk.

I still need easy to care fish, something a beginner can handle. I was thinking of tetras, corys, danios, ottos, but I'm not sure if they're the right choice, or if they would be happy in a 10g.

As a note, I naturally have VERY hard water in my region, the tests I've tried all give it the highest marks in regards to hardness.

I'm looking for options, any ideas on what I could keep? I'd really appreciate any and all the help I can get
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Make sure your desk can withstand the weight of a 10g tank. Each gallon can weigh about 8lbs not including decorations/substrate.

Other than that I hope you enjoy keeping larger tanks! Bettas are wonderful in their own unique way, but nothing beats the excitement of a busy tank

Corys were some of the first fish I kept and find they are a fairly easy fish to keep happy. Have only lost them when they get stuck behind the filter (they like to run up the glass of the tank and I've had a few get wedged when I use an internal filter. Speaking of which, what kind of filtration are you planning on using?
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Most inverts, excluding some of the fancy dwarf shrimp, delight in water with a high Ph. I love crayfish, and some decorative snails or shrimp could be a nice addition to a 10 gallon. Both snails and some variates of Dwarf Shrimp are very easy to take care of. If you have your heart set of fish, there are many small tetras that would make a happy school in a 10. I would suggest dwarf cories over their bigger brothers, since you could keep a large school of dwarfs and a 10 gallon tank will only hold a small school of the larger cories comfortably.

Most people would say danios are fine, but I think a 10 is a little small, as they are quick swimmers and appreciate a lot of room to zoom around.
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I've been having a _lot_ of fun watching my "Tequila Sunrise" and "Turquoise" fancy guppies. They are energetic and quite playful -- they're in a 29G tank, but I think that a school of 7 would be fine in 10G. Mine love zipping around in the water current from the filter spray bar.

They have so far stood up to a TON of change, my tank was in the middle of cycling (daily 40% water changes) and they didn't seem to care. I've also swapped their entire substrate out only a week after they acclimated and me constantly reaching into the tank messing with things doesn't seem to bother them too much either.

Bear in mind that I've only been an aquarium keeper for about 8 weeks now, but so far I would say these have been pretty forgiving and lots of fun. I also have a Betta who is very personable, but I can see the appeal of the larger group.

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A little colony of dwarf puffers in a heavily planted 10 gallon would be neat! Honestly, unless you are trying to get the fish to breed any fish is considered easy, and dwarf puffers have neat personalities!

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ok this is an office desk? How may power outlets can you capture? what temp will it run?
figure 100 pounds for a ten gallon. gravel or substrate + water + (glass?) aq plus hood + decor, rocks etc.
will there be a lid? power filter? will the power be on when you aren't there? some offices kill the power in offices on we & eve.
a native tank would be cool, maybe orange craws, black mollies, green plants? trouble with guppies (native for you) and other live bearers is you get to a zillion from 2 real quick and catching fish at work on company time and making a wet mess ... but a trio of swords nothing else - cories should be ok with them. A tad small for sailfins. Red velvet sword trio, half doz albino cories black or dark blue substrate & plants?
a sororiety tank could be nice, female bettas *may* get along fine with each other and most any fish you would sensibly put in a 10 permenantly. have an odd number 3, 5 etc.
Depending on filtration (both mech and plants) you could have up to a dozen inhabitants. I assume you will do 10% wc 2 or 3 times a week & a 30% once a month or more often? As it will be on your desk changing a gallon is easier than more at least for me, 1 flex tube about 6 foot/ 2 meters and an empty 1 gallon jug and a full gallon of fresh. less mess and visual "fussing" for a boss to get up tight about. Easy to fill a gallon jug and let it sit overnight to age. Most fish will acclimate to hard alk water buy local bred & raised. I have off the chart hard water literally. is higher than the test strips will read on hardness, ph is over 8.6. I am on well water.
So with tight lid
pair or trio of killifish and a half dozen cories, or one bristle nose pleco. depending on the killi, a half doz+ tetra or barbs. lots of killies take alk water but many aren't good community fish. but they are gorgeous!
half dozen kuhli loaches (substrate matters with most bottom dwellers - loaches & cories etc) half doz cherry barbs, 3 - 5 female bettas could all go into a 10 together.
Gobies & pup fish.
Peacock gudgeon pair or trio + mellow barbs or tetras.
a colony of dwarf bumble bee puffers if you find some who eat flake - how much can you fuss over tank at work? I assume no live food at work.
Rainbow fish, smaller ones.
rice fish, medaki depending on temps.
do you want colour, or movement or character or? solid colour, bright, stripes, bars, patterns or? too many possibilities really to list without knowing a bit more about your taste and the tanks parameters - how many gph & kind of filter, what type (if any) lid, plants? can you rehome babies? dry food only or any live food? long or short fins? slow & elegant or lots of movement? Shrimp safe?
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CPD's and Dwarf Cory's? Both hold up well in very hard water, some say CPD's are too shy but mine are very active and fun to watch.
Hara Jerdoni, would be a different route, I just got some from Msjinkzd almost a week ago... and im loving the little guys such a cool tiny catfish
Otto's probably wouldn't work I cannot keep an otto alive in my hard water for more than a day I have an L144 in my 15g but when she gets bigger ill move her to the 55 and move a small one in her place only real option I have for a sucker fish.

as for plants I like the natural look dwarf sag has done great in my tank even before I added co2, alot of mosses don't require much either there's quite afew small crips and anubis that would work also.
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Danios are very active fish and would probably do better in a larger tank.

You could fit alot of endlers in a 10g and they are gorgeous little fish!
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10g fish hard water, beginner

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