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How often do you feed your fish?

I was curious how often different members feed their fish? With my SW tank, I feed them 2x per week. With my FW, I'm feeding a little several times per day but not sure if that is wrong or not.

So, how often do you feed yours?
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One fish tank I feed once a week, one I don't feed at all (shrimp and snails), another 2 times and week and the last, every other day and only once on the days I do feed. Overfeeding is a common reason for freshwater fish to die.

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How often do you feed your fish?

How do you decide how often to feed your different tanks/fish?
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I feed my angels once in the morning and once at night. I don't follow the "as much as they can consume in 3mins." thing. I do a small pinch then come back 5mins. later and add one more. The only reason I do two pinches is b/c one of the angels hangs back and lets the other three go to town b/c they pick on him/her.
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I don't feed my fish that much, maybe a little frozen or flake food once every two or three days.
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Tank 1: 29g high tech, heavily planted, 6 black neons....small pinch of micro pellets each morning or a few frozen blood worms.

Tank 2: Killifish breeding tank, naturally much frozen bloodworms as the fish can consume once each morning.

Tank 3: Shrimp, java moss, low light, well established tank .... one tiny bit of shrimp food once every couple of weeks.

In all tanks the fauna is very healthy and thriving. The tetras spawn every 10 days or so. The shrimp reproduce continually. The killies do what all annual fish fast and die young.

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Mmm. I've been feeding frozen foods twice daily, because I have five baby angelfish.

Although I guess they're not really babies anymore. They about the size of an Australian twenty-cent piece. That's maybe - twice your thumbnail?

When can I cut down on the feeding?
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My fish get fed once a day, six times a week. they get a pinch of tropical flakes and veggie flakes, and once or twice a week they get frozen bloodworms or glassworms or brine shrimp or daphina instead.
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The guppies get fed 1 or 2 times per day everyday. Shrimp maybe every other day or two. Bettas every other day or two.
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When growing out my discus I would feed them 8 times a day. It required 100% (discus on sides) water changes. This is common practice with discus grow out.
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I feed my black phantom tetras flakes in the morning until they can't eat any more and around 7:00 pm i'll feed them some frozen blood worms until they can't eat any more. Sometimes i'll feed frozen brine shrimp instead of blood worms for a variety

I feed my African Dwarf Frog frozen blood worms till he gets nice and fat in the same round as the Black Phantoms

my otos just feed off of all the algae in my tank
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I feed a tiny pinch of flake in the morning, just enough for them to it just about all of it in 2 or 3 minutes. Then at night I'll usually give them a small treat of something else - a bit of freeze dried daphina or brine shrimp - also just a small amount and a few tiny bits of shrimp food.

On Sunday I give them a nice big meal, frozen bloodworms, etc. in the morning, change the water in the tank in the afternoon, and they don't get fed until Tuesday night.

I sort of like to feed them frequently, then let them fend for themselves for a couple of days each week.
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We're supposed to feed them?
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I feed every morning then at night I feed the striped rapheals sinking pellets if I don't they eat the other fish. lost two neons last week that way. over the last three years we were rebuilding the house so the tank got moved into a safe corner along with everything we wanted to keep. During that time the only got feed 4 or 5 times a year no water changes and the light was on all the time 5 survivors out of about a dozen.
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I feed both tanks once per day. Staple of flake food (vegi and regular) few pinches in the 36 gal, one very small pinch in the 5.5. Every couple days I put in some brine shrimp, or blood worms, and usually some tubiflex. I put 1/2 algae wafer where the Nerites frequent once per week. Water params are right on par, fish are looking good, except my betta which is a tad porky
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