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I do not know much about the spec set ups. It sounds like a nano tank. First of all I would make sure the lighting spectrum is around 6500-6700 K. You will want to make sure you are keeping the tank low light also. Make sure you stay with mostly stem plants. The luwegia repens has red leaves & will be hard to grow without co2 & more light. I like wisteria since it is hardy & will grow without co2 but slowly. Watch the ferts in the early stages & make sure you have internal or external canister filter. I have learned that more filtration is better, provided the current does not rip out the plants. Fluval makes nice internal & external filters. Carbon in the filters in the early stages is productive to keep DOC's low. Getting back to the plants. You can bring in some rosettes later or some in from the start. The red stems will struggle without CO2 & higher light. Egeria densa is hardy but likes medium soft to coolish water, say 68-78 any higher & it will melt. Anubias is good for a low light tank which is a rosette , but bring it in later say 30-60 days as the tank becomes established. Java moss is good also tied to wood for low light. Keep in mind what kind of fish you plan to use & regarding Gh Kh & light and do research which can be found right hear on this site to determine what other plants to use. Good luck
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