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Sorry to be so repetative but what are people's actually thoughts on this list.. Keeping in mind it will be slow to build to this and the Kribs will be monitored, and have a place to be moved to if they do get too aggressive.

14 Harlequin Rosboras
20 or more Lemon Tetras (I've heard these are good schoolers and although they're fairly plain, a large school of non-fin nippers would be nice.
4 Golden Rams
4 German Blue Rams (or plain Blue rams, not fused)
2 Kribensis Cichilids
10 Emerald Catfish
8 Sterbai Corydoras (would get a larger group but they're expensive around here)
6 Otos
5 Khuli Loaches
5/6 Discus

Would that be too many bottom dwellers though? I know people say, choose a variety that occupy different regions. I also hoped the shape of the tetras would contrast, and their occupation of lower/middle to higher/middle levels of the tank. Then with the eventual Discus, would that be enough fish in the higher section of the tank?

How often do Ram venture upwards?

Cheers and thanks for the help so far.

Also, on the AqAdvisor this puts my stocking at 71% but I can't imagine adding much more than that

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