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Originally Posted by JoeGREEEN View Post
Hey sorry I'm a bit confused?

you said" While I was there I decided to get my very first "plant substrate" and so this build began. He even gave me an employee discount so I only had to pay $26 I hope I picked a good substrate as it was this and one other one so I decided on this" and then you show a pic of a bag of flourite black that has a price sticker of $24.99 ?

did you pay less than $26 for a $24.99 bag of flourite and had a typo?
It says 34.99, my apologies, my phone normally doesn't take such grainy pictures but the dimmer lighting screwed it up.

So I did still save about $9, which considering this guy is in the hole right now, was extremely nice of him (even though he has had me waiting 5 months to get the job. . .).

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