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So I decided that I should go ahead and hook up my CO2 system seeing as how I took some time during my lunch to get my bottle refilled. That turned out to be a free endeavor because I teach the son of the welding supply manager! This job DOES have its perks!!

Unfortunately, my needle valve was clogged completely. I had to take remove it from the rest of my regulator/solenoid and, using a 1/16" drill bit, drill out the clog. Honestly, this was a simple, ten minute task. Here's a shot of the system up and running (Please try to overlook the nasty, old vinyl tubing):

I'm currently running it at ~1-2 bbs. I can't find my drop checker, so I'm just going to take it easy on the flow rate for the time being. I'm in the market for a good drop checker or a good DIY idea. Let me hear your idea(s).

I have a plant order that should be here tomorrow. I've also picked up some stuff on the SNS. Everything should be here by week's end. Here's a list of what I purchased so far:
  • Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis
  • Red Melon Sword
  • Anubias Nana
  • Red Tiger Lotus
  • Blyxa Japonica
  • Cryptocoryne Parva
  • Jungle Val
  • Frogbit


This, as you probably know, is a very exciting part of keeping a planted tank, the wait for your stuff!!

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